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Do you ever go through phases where you have a tendency to listen to the same song over and over again?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5489points) May 5th, 2016

The song Take Care of Yourself by Teddy Thompson was added to my iPhone a while ago and I just cannot stop listening to it. It’s such a relaxing song .

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Sort of. When I was a teen I’d listen to Donny Osmond and Micheal Jackson obsessively, and cry out my love for them.

I do have certain songs that I go look up just to hear them again. But it isn’t the Jackson 5 or the Osmond Brothers any more. More like Stevie Nix and Clarance D’Arby.

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I often do this with an album or artist, but not so much just one song.

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Yes. 100% yes. Right now no songs are currently in this phase for me, however.

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Yes. Currently I’ve been listening to different versions of “For Richard” by Caravan

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Not a particular song, but I’ve been getting my trance on with the album Colony, by IIVII, a lot lately.

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I hear “Hail to the chief” sung by an eager staff whenever I enter the room, grinds on me after a while but I don’t like to hurt their little feelings, bless.

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Mainly albums rather than single songs but I was pretty enamored of “Hallelujah” for a while.

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Never…too much music so little time.

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Sure. Every once in a while I’ll get one in my head that just demands attention.

I like to listen to this one on repeat when biking. The rhythm is perfect for maintaining biking speed.

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All the time.

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@CWOTUS all your troubles were so far away?

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In my younger years I repeatedly listened to my favorite bluesy Sinatra songs when I was going through breakups, undoubtedly making myself feel worse and worse. Thankfully—no more of that.

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Heartbreak will bring on the binge listening for me. I’ll find one or two songs that “perfectly reflect” the special pain I’m feeling. Play, cry; play, cry. I’m so ridiculous.

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Happens to me quite often. I come across or play an old song which i can’t stop listening to for a period of time, often days. Listen to it over and over till I’ve finally had enough lol.

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Less and less as I get older, but a lot of that also has to do with not living alone.

I can’t tell you how many songs I’ve probably listened to over 100 times in my life.

My Church Maren Morris has been in my head for literally weeks, and I still enjoy it every time I hear it on the radio…which is about 2 dozen times a day.

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You are speaking of my life. I go from one obsessive songfest to another. A tune will run through my head for days before being replaced by another.

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Ah, now, @rojo, obsessively playing it in your head is another story.
I don’t remember a time my brain was not running a song in a loop.

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Sometimes just the discovery or re-discovery of a good riff or a melody, or even a chord progression will get me listening and maybe even learning a new song. I’m currently in that mode for this Clapton gem.

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This week it’s The Grateful Dead performance of Terrapin Station.

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There have been a few songs that have affected me this way. Eletricidade by Fernanda Porto was one, not the most recent, but I liked the poem that inspired it.

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