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What makes something a women's hat?

Asked by JeSuisRickSpringfield (6708points) May 7th, 2016

A friend of mine is looking for a hat with a very wide brim, so I sent him a link to this one (picture link). He immediately rejected it because it’s a women’s hat. It is being sold as a “ladies gardening hat,” but I don’t think anyone would be able to identify it as a women’s hat just by looking at it. Is this just a case of gendered marketing, or does something about this hat really say “this is for women”?

P.S. Gendered marketing is when a product is marketed to a particular gender even if the product itself is unisex.

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The trick lies in viewing it on his head. There are probably men who can get away with it, and there are certainly plenty who shouldn’t.

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Definitely looks like a women’s hat to me, because that wide brim paired with small, rounded crown is characteristic of a style that has been fashionable for women in the past.

But that is not an innate trait, only a matter of custom. At one time or another many things associated with one sex have been part of the fashion for the other. Pink wasn’t even “for girls” until quite recently.

[ Images for cartwheel hats ]

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If I were to see that hat without a label, I would say it is a woman’s hat. The material, the style, the sizing all point to styles of women’s hats over the last fifty or more years.

It is reminiscent of styles worn by impressionist painters, but there are enough subtle differences that it is not quite the same.

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Big, wide-brimmed “picture hats” were fashionable during the Victorian era. They came back in the 1940s as the “cartwheel hats” I linked above.

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Looks like a womman’s hat to me. This was the first thing I though of when I saw it.Perhaps it is not your fauly for not recognizing it as a woman’s hat because of this.

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So then, are there any good wide brimmed hats that are for men? Everything I can find seems to be labeled “for women.”

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Tilley’s makes quality hats for both men and women, some with wide brims for being out in the sun.

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The wide brimmed thing just doesn’t wash when you consider the not so humble stetson, favoured by good ol country boys young & old.
A hat becomes feminine, excluding colours & flowers & what not, when it sports a more delicate shape, less rigid if you like.

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Do a online search for a sail maker’s hat. VERY wide brim!!! Or a sombrero.

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The angle of the rim makes it seem like a women’s hat. If the rim isn’t straight and kind of curvy like this one, it makes me think of a women’s hat.
In the end, the determination is either what the manufacturer says, or who’s wearing the hat.

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Usually women’s hats have wide colorful ribbons, bows, little net thingies, bobbles, bangles, bright shiny beads, plumes, flowers, gadzooks and gizzards. Something you’d see on a horse, if the horse had a hat.

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Small, rounded crown and sweeping brim make it a woman’s hat.

See what Men’s sun hat get you?

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The Amish make a fairly wide straw hat available through Lehman’s catalog.

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Also, I’m thinking that the same shape as the one you pictured but made in Khaki, Olive Drab or Camo likely wouldn’t be mistaken for a woman’s hat.

Besides, why wear a black hat in the blazing sun? It just makes it that much hotter.

Some of the images in @ibstubro‘s link had a similar shape to that (and one even had an outrageously wide brim) but were made in the color pallette I mentioned.

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Acubra do some great wide brimmed hats.

A cheaper but still nice option are the Barmah hats.

My husband has a Tilly hat. He has to be really careful not to get sunburned. Those hats are pretty tough and they come with a guarantee too.

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It’s a woman’s hat if it looks good on a woman. So much depends on the head and face below the hat.

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