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Is someone who speaks French over English in California considered a francophile?

Asked by BMOMans (20points) May 8th, 2016

So I have this neigbor from Finland who has lived in California for three years. She is 15 years old and is struggling with English. However, she is a level 2 in French. Is she considered a francophile? She loves the French language, but loves the culture of the United States.

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No. A Francophile is someone who loves all things French: food, music, literature, geography, fashion, customs, the light on sea at St. Andresse, a drive on the haut corniche between Nice and Monaco, the tang of salt and sun lotion at Juan-les-Pins.

Just liking a language is not the same as embracing the culture.

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Are you thinking of francophone which means someone who speaks French?

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@zenvelo is correct – what you’ve described is not really what a Francophile is. Likewise, I would probably not call her a francophone either, since she is Finnish, unless French is her mother tongue for some reason.

She just speaks French, I guess. No special epithet required.

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