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Why would someone have 18 children?

Asked by tinyfaery (42590points) July 28th, 2008

Read the article.
I really don’t know what to say about this. I’m speechless. Why?

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Because they can. Who cares?

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To work the farm!

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Their love for children.

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To raise a militia and take up arms.

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One of them is mine. Her name is Procrastination, or his name may be Sterility. Yikes.

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Boredom? Everyone knows 17 is never enough…

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well you know, they were probably cool with the first 8 or 9, then well with inflation and gas prices and all, and 9 other kids to feed, condoms just became a luxury they had to cut out of their budget…. also maybe its a decent retirement plan, if you have 18 kids, atleast one of those bastards are gonna take care of you when you get too old

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“Be fruitful and multiply” is taken very seriously by some folks…

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lol @ crunch, you know, for having 18 kids she doesnt look too bad. I mean look at what just one does to some women. yikes though

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@LKidKyle1985 – Clever response… I lol’d. However, 18 kids with 18 women = 18 extended families, around 384 chances that SOMEONE you know will have access to all of that money you need to startup that internet megasite you’ve dreamt about.

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@crunch That woman is 44 years old.

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@lovelocke lol yeah, maybe i will talk my future babys mamma into this scheme.

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Here’s a guess. Under the Ceaucescu regime, which ended in l989, one year before this family came to Canada, married Romanian women were imprisoned, fined, and otherwise punished for aborting pregnancies or using birth control of any variety, including abstinence.
This was in spite of the fact that, in order to enrich himself and build large Soviet-style state office palaces, this dictator was selling all agricultural produce abroad and starving his people. This is the reason the orphanages in Romania supplied so many adoptable children in the l990’s, many of whom were brought to the United States and many of whom were not found to be socializable since the window of opportunity for bonding with other humans had closed before they were provided with parents.
So… the idea of interfering with God’s will was strongly
implanted, if you’ll pardon the expression. I don’t know this family’s background but I do know their country’s recent history. How fabulous to be able to bring children into the world because God and not some wacko dictator wanted you to, and to be able to do so in Abbottsford, B.C., where there is food.

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hmm no I am pretty sure its the condom expenses and retirement scheme, its better than a 401k :P

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@susanc, you are on a roll tonight. I was wondering about the backstory and what to read in between the lines.

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yeah, props on that one

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I can’t help but wonder when they find the time to be intimate.

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So, there’s a disorder that causes people to keep ridiculous numbers of animals the they feel they’ve “rescued” (they’re called hoarders).

I wonder if this is something similar.

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A better question is, How can anyone afford to have and raise eighteen children?I have one. She is expensive. It costs so much to give your child what they need and some of the things they want. My daughter is getting braces in two weeks to the tune of five grand plus.. Imagine that times eighteen???

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@mzgator And how do they have the time to spend with each child? Some one is going to get forgotten or neglected or feel left out.

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This is not the end :)
I knew a man who was close to 45 and he was looking for a wife who was supposed to be 18–23, to make kids, he wanted her to born a child every two years…until they have 8 kids…BTW he already has two kis from first marriage.
how about?

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@whiteowl As someone who is currently “with child” I can say that I would not be able to handle being pregnant constantly like that. It’s too much strain on the mind and body.

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I understand this perfectly, this is why i told him that he is either crazy, either doesnt understand what is being a woman…

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@whiteowl Exactly.

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dragonflyfaith, i think he did not find one yet :)
if he will ill be surprised :)

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They didn’t have a TV, that’s a fact!
Or maybe they want to start their own professional soccer team…

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I find all this joshing startling.
It’s not physically impossible for humans to have lots of kids (this lady’s done an exceptionally good job of it, I admit).
Managing lots of kids involves having the older kids help with the smaller ones. This is perfectly normal in societies with poor, technologically-less-advantaged, busy parents, and with fewer expectations of, for example, orthodontry (we’re lucky that way). True, each child gets less parental cuddle time to him- or herself. But each child also learns to find a place for herself within a community. That too can offer a great huge amount of hugs.

I know I’m not the only person on fluther who travels outside of the U.S., Canada and western Europe? Or reads about such places?

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@susanc No it’s not impossible and has been done for a long time and in many cultures. I personally could not handle being pregnant that long/often. I’m not saying that no one can, I’m saying I wouldn’t be able to. The first three months I lost 35 pounds and was in and out of the hospital. It wasn’t until the 3rd trimester that I was finally able to hold weight and start functioning outside of my house without fainting in the grocery store.

Sorry if you misunderstood me.

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how many of kids were in your family?
I knew family with kids of four…So the elder kids had no childhood at all! mother was too busy to do home work. So kids were all up to family and hose work!
This it totally wrong! Yes, i admit lady probably loves her kids and kids love each-other but it is wrong family building and kids breading! WRONG!
thats why i say it is not really good…

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Big familiea were mostly common in times when field were necessary to live, and people were too poor to survive with no own land.
so it was economical need, not a love to kids…

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@susanc I think you bring up a great point for that one families history.

But has anyone heard of the Duggar family? They are an American family in Arkansas who are expecting their 18th child in January. Go to to learn more.
I personally think it’s irresponsible and selfish, especially in today’s economy. If you want to have many children, why not adopt and give children who would not normally have a home and family a chance?

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My mother has 9 brothers and sisters. My father has 9 half brothers and sisters and 8 full brothers and sisters. That was what was done in South Louisiana back then. Big families to help on the farms.

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this is what i mean…
they were possessing working people, not kids.

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The best part is that they want to have another. You know, so there’ll be be an even number of boys and girls. Obviously.

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@dragonfly, I wasn’t targeting you at all! Not! Some people’s bodies are bizarrely good at having babies. I hope your pregnancy eases way up! and makes a nice baby for you. Big job, take it easy and hope you enjoy.

Yes to everyone who says big families made big work teams. Also, in societies where child mortality was high, you wanted some to spare. We don’t live by the land any more in our culture, by and large; we see kids as expenses rather than sources of labor.
I completely agree with you, Jane Ann, with regard to matching up people who want kids with kids who need families. I have adopteds, steps, and informal fosters, no birth children. Working out pretty okay so far.

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I think that having 18 kids is completely irresponsible. Seriously, use a condom or stop having sex. Our economy is going down the pooper. You have to know that all 18 of your kids will not go to college and will not have good jobs. At least 4 or 5 of those little bastards will struggle and probably have another shitload of kids, as if the world wasn’t overpopulated enough. I think that woman should had her tubes tied 10 kids ago. Geez, people are so stupid.

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@susanc I know you weren’t, I just didn’t want anyone to think I was saying it was impossible just expressing that I wouldn’t be able to handle that myself. Pregnancy even when it goes well is so exhausting I can’t imagine the toll it would take to have 18.

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Besides, I can’t even imagine what her vagina looks like by now. Her husband can probably stick his head in and talk to the babies while their still in the womb.

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Wow, that’s crude.

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they love sex

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ehh its not irresponsible to have 18 kids, just stupid. it would be irresponsible to have kids and not take care of them best you could, but just because you can’t take care of 18 kids as good as you can 1, doesnt mean they are irresponsible people and parents. shesh.

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no comments, people…no comments…

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They probably just like to have unprotected sex.
18 kids just popped out of her vagina.

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