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Did the lastest incarnation of the Joker wear make up or was his face really like that?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) July 28th, 2008
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Makeup. In Batman Begins and The Dark Knight both, they say he “wears makeup” and has a taste for “theatrics”. Also, was it not extremely evident in trailers alone that the makeup wipes off?

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Of course it was makeup, you don’t think people really have black around their eyes and red around their mouth do you? You could tell the make up is smearing off his face.

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Yeah I thought. Just wanted to make sure.

Man, I wanna see the Dark Knight again.

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(may be a spoiler):

In the funeral scene when the 7 gun salute is happening one of the officers on the firing line was the joker (sans makeup).

Also in the opening scene when he’s picked up on the street corner he has a mask in hand but the rest of the thugs who pick him up don’t suspect him of being the joker when they pull up.

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Which brings up an interesting point. When did he put on the makeup? If he’s not made up when the other guys pick him up in the van, then the next time he’s sans mask is at the conclusion of the heist IN FULL MAKEUP, when did he do it?

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@GD Kimble

On his coffee break?

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@GD Kimble

Why so serious?

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