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Who is the Roger in "Rogering?"?

Asked by peedub (8693points) July 28th, 2008

…as in, to give ____ a good rogering.

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made me chuckle, but I don’t know.

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Roger is an obsolete British slang term for penis.

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@Lefteh- Fair enough. Who is that Roger?

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The etymology of the name itself is Germanic, and comes from rod, meaning fame, and gzer, meaning spear. Roger = famous with a spear.




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Gotcha, Thanks.

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Oh, and Roger is Jolly Roger, according to this

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Me and my friends have actually adopted this to indicate gullibility. “We just rogered Joe into believing that I own Fluther.”

We don’t know anyone else that does this, and don’t know exactly where it started.

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(Strangely, or not strangely, we are British.)

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Can I steal borrow that?

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Oh god yeah! Spread our excellent terminology.

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Samuel Pepys (Brit) used that often in his famous diary (1660–1690). Many entries ended with, “Rogered my wife (the maid, someone) and so to bed.”. The word is no longer under copyright law.

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< < adding “to roger” to vocabulary with the intention of using both the classic and new definitions in daily conversation.

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You might want to be careful with that..

“Honey, you should have seen how well I rogered your friends today!”

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[ removed by myself ]

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if you’re in Canada, it’s become quite common to hear people talk about how they’ve been “rogered” – meaning screwed over by Rogers, one of the few telco and cable companies there. It’s owned by Ted Rogers, so be is often mentioned also. They are also the only carrier with the iPhone and it’s generally considered that they were gouging the market with that device. Therefore:
A – “Hey, I heard you got a new iPhone?”
B – “Ya, it’s awesome but I had to get Rogered by Ted with a 3 year contract to get it.”

Full disclosure: I have an iPhone and had to get Rogered to get it.

Full disclosure:

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I think I get it… as in…
“I’m feeling Rogered after trying to take all this in”

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