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If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you go?

Asked by Rayiscool (55points) July 20th, 2007 from iPhone

just wondering.

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Saint maarten in the Netherlands Antilles

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spain. Its awesome. Not entirely unique in terms of destinations but great.

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Home. (They say "You can never go there")

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@oska Who says you can't go home? (Sorry for the bonjovi reference, but you left it open for it :-p )

I'd like to do a lot of travelling, but most of all I'd like to go to Germany

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@osaka; try clicking your heels twice, particularly if you are wearing ruby slippers.

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Back to Taos, New Mexico. Sure, your lips bleed from the dehydration, but man! What a beautiful, laid-back place to be!

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Great Wall of China, Machu Pitchu, Taj Mahal, less traveled isles of Greece (Santorini), down the Nile in a pleasure boat, floating gardens of Kashmir, Nepal.

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New York City!

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Zurich, Switzerland

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Leeds, UK

for personal reasons :)

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favorites: san francisco in the US, budapest in hungary, san cristobal de las casas in mexico, havana in cuba

haven't been but really want to go: croatian coast, turkey, venezuela, south africa, basque country

there are many more.....

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southwestern Virginia where the mountains mess with your memory

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Lately I have been wishing for a trip to Morraco.

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yellowstone NP WY USA

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Golden, British Columbia; Pickle Lake, Ontario; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Gimli, Manitoba; Cape Breton, Nova Scotia; the Highlands of Scotland; Budapest; Paraguay; Mato Grosso, Brazil…so many places, so little money. Sigh.

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Somewhere lush and green with beaches and moutains and quiet. I don’t care which continent it is on. As long as it doesn’t cost anything to get there or to stay there I’m all in.:)

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