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Does it matter to the conservative movement if the Republican party goes up in flames?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22359points) May 9th, 2016 from iPhone

Go figure!

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As long as they get rich, and screw the working Joe,naw not really.

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What do you mean by the conservative movement?

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@Rarebear I suppose by “conservative” I meant Republicans. That certainly used to be considered definition enough. But the good tranquil times are clearly over now.

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What, exactly, caused them to lose their minds like they did?

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They did it to themselves. They’ve been whipping up the crazies for decades. It’s just a case of chickens coming home to roost.

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…and they’re laying one helluva egg with Trump!!

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No, they are too short-sighted. They have not lived without access to national power. Once they are excluded from presidential elections, they’ll start scrambling to put together coalitions.

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The Republican Party IMHO will become stronger because of Trump. Both Trump and Sanders are serving as a wake up call to their respective parties that establishment politics that cater to special interests over the interests of their voters will and has backfired especially with the Republicans. So while Jeb, Cruz, Rubbio, Kasich, Christy all lick their wounds of their humiliating defeats served up by the Donald…one by one the leaders in the Republican party will admit the error of their ways and reform into a cohesive party that will be a greater reflection of lessons learned over the last 8 months.

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Would that it were true. I agree with your analysis that Republicans in particular made no pretense at giving a shit for the common man, and pursued a strategy of first fomenting then exploiting the anger in its low information base. Yes indeed. The chickens come home to roost!

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@stanleybmanly The Republicans are proving themselves to be a real bunch of dummies with their arrogant ignorance to their own constituents. It was just a short 2 years ago that promising to push back on Obama’s executive orders, Obamacare and the debt ceiling to name a few is what got many Republicans re-elected and the House Majority. The voters certainly remember all these broken promises and why Trump has prevailed.

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The social conservative movement is a major subset of the Republican party and are the ones fanning the flames.

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I doubt it. It’s like when the barn is on fire and the horses run back in.

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The only home they know?

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That and their nice warm stall. They just don’t realize the damn place is burning down and no concept of the unfolding calamity.

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@kritiper Not unlike all the Liberal Frogs taking a cool bath in the pond not realizing it is a dutch oven that has the heat turned up to high.

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@Cruiser That’s a pond everybody has a place in! But we’re talking about Republicans here…

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@kritiper Exactly my point as no true Republican knows how to swim and would not be found any where near a pond. Do I smell garlic butter??

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@Cruiser Is a hot-tub a pond?

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@kritiper depends on how many liberals want to take a dip…it could turn into a lake…or a gulf…or an ocean

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@Cruiser I don’t discriminate. Everyone is welcome. You too!

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