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Who knows anything about trichotillomania?

Asked by aisyna (963points) July 29th, 2008

i was just wondering how many pepole know about this?

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Are you just looking for a general “who knows about this” or are you looking for personal stories?

I know about it.

I also have personal stories about it.

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What is it?
tell me! i want to know

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Haven’t heard the name, but after looking it up I know I’ve heard about it.

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Didnt know this word…but now i know :)-
this is an item on psychological level.
Why do you ask, aisyna?

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Yes, I know what it is.

Someone in my family had it. After losing my grandmother to cancer, she went through about a year of this. She could not express her emotions and loss properly. It was very hard for her to stop and control it. She pulled out every hair on her eyebrows. She was a child at the time. She is now a teenager and is totally doing great, with no more hair pulling.

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Just yesterday I pulled out half the lashes on my left eyelid. I also often pull leg hair, scalp hair and eyebrows. So I know quite a bit about it. Did you just want to know if it’s something a lot of people know about, or did you have followup questions for those of us who do?

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I used to pull out eyelashes to relieve stress but I don’t think its the same thing.

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actually it is pretty the same…though it might be just a habit like to scratch forehead when you think…

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when I was a kid, there was a kid in my class who had this. He was completely bald, no arm hair or eyebrows or eyelashes. I feel bad for the kid because we made fun of him. I don’t remember doing it personally, but I don’t remember stopping other kids either.

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i was just wondering how many pepole out there knew about it. i was talking with a friend and we just wanted to know how many pepole actualy knew about it.

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all people know about its existance, but not all know its actual “name” :)

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I know about it. A very close personal loved one suffers from it. It has been quite a struggle for this person.

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Yep I know

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I know & I have it. I’ve pulled my eyebrows & lashes for over 15 years now. I’ve been on medication for it &, while I can slow down if I’m paying attention, I have been unable to stop.

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Hi, everyone! I know that this question is about 3 years old, but I have a good friend that has her own website. I suggest you all take a look:

She is 95% pull-free.

I, too, have Trich and we both run a Christian group on Facebook. All of our members are on the road to recovery!

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