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Does anybody here run own site?

Asked by whiteowl (41points) July 29th, 2008

My work is connected with Website templates and am interested if somebody here has own site. Is it interesting to have personal page, what is it used for???

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i run one on a friends server, as you can see, i use it to show off how much stuff i have (yes, we’ll be moving to a faster server soon)

i also mailed in my contract for a friend of mine, for his webspace, i’ll post it when it’s done

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I run the official website for an actor friend:

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I don’t pretend I know what I’m doing with it, though.

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@whiteowl – not sure why you posted a link to a template site, but…some reasons for creating a personal website are online design portfolio, blogging, a hobby, sharing pictures, sharing stories, etc…

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My thing is that i want t have a site, but have no idea what to do with it!
The same as i want to have a plane but i will not need it at all!

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well, as you saw i have a site with my collection, the other site is about a friend of mine, and dont forget, webspace is usefull to store all kinds of stuff on

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Just put some of the stuff that you do in real life on the internet. If you make art, post your art online. If you write, post your writing. If you think about things, post your thoughts. The web is an enormous canvas, and you can put pretty much whatever you want on it. Naked photos of yourself even. (Unless you’re a minor. Then don’t do that.)

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lapilofu, who is minor?
I will not post my nude pictures :)) but thank you for explaining :)
do you, people think somebody will visit my site but my close friends???

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Well, that is the trouble with the internet… it can be difficult to acquire visitors. You have to really provide something that’s interesting to other people if you expect them to visit your site and come back frequently for updates (you also have to update fairly frequently or else you’ll lose them…)

You’ll also have to find ways of getting people to visit your site. Tell your friends about it. Write a blog. Consider some of these tips for getting that blog read.

Consider using something like Google Analytics to track visitors—if you think you can take it. I once had a weblog, but after a year or two of activity I had garnered so little readership that I gave up and shut down.

Making a website is really like writing a story—if you want people to read it, you have to constantly ask yourself “would this be interesting to someone else?” If you don’t care about other people, then just make sure you’re doing it for yourself because you enjoy it.

I mean, the real question is why do you want to make a website?

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mirza, I like it :)
are those your works?

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