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Isn't a group of jellyfish called a "smack?" The term "fluther" is made up, isn't it?

Asked by EgaoNoGenkiAB (40points) May 11th, 2016

Interestingly enough, Wiktionary doesn’t show a definition of “smack” (out of many) as a group of jellyfish, and only shows Fluther as a surname. (Who knew?!)

So, which is it? Why should a group of jellyfish be a fluther rather than a smack? Or vice-versa?

Also, does a “smack” mean “fluther” in another language, perchance?

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Fluther is an alternative word that means the same as smack when referring to a group of jellyfish. Lots of words have the same meaning – for example pavement and sidewalk. It’s the beauty of the English language – you can make the choice which word you want to use.

Feel free to refer to this site as Smack if you want. Personally I think that name would have attracted a completely different shoal of users…

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I’m addicted to smack.

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I have a monkey on my back. It’s called smack.

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Smack my ass.

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We’re smack-ho’s.

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Smack smack smacketty smack.

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LOL..I think adding a ‘Smack askers” award would be quite appropriate for some combative questions. haha

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@ibstubro: Good research.

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@ibstubro That link says a group of jellies is a “Smackm Bloom” That kinda takes the fun out of it all….

On the other hand….it is my vote to adopt the Frog over the Jellyfish so we can call ourselves and “Army”! BOOYA!

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