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Does Fluther no longer alert Jelly-askers when they're ready to post a question that's also been posted fairly recently?

Asked by jca (36043points) May 11th, 2016

I just had a question come up in my “New Activity” or “Activity for you” or whatever it’s called, and I saw that it was very similar to a question that was asked a day or two ago. Question was about swimming. It was asked in December 2015, which was only five months ago. Obviously Fluther did not alert the newest Jelly-asker that the question was just asked five months ago.

Recently, I had a question modded off because it had been asked in a very similar form not that long prior to me asking. I don’t remember what the question is (or was) but obviously Fluther didn’t alert me that it had been asked recently.

I remember in the early days of Fluther, when asking a question, if there was a similar question asked, it would come up with a link to the previous version, and if for some reason you wanted to ask it again, you could (like, if you decided there were many new Jellies that might give a new perspective to the question if you ask it again).

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I just tested this, and it looks like we no longer get a warning about possible duplicates. In this case, though, the person in question answered the old question before asking the new one. The warning wouldn’t have done any good.

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@ibstubro Yeah, that’s how I tested it. But the warning used to come before the question was actually posted, so I didn’t have to ask a duplicate question to confirm that it was no longer appearing.

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I was wondering the same thing several months ago.

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Nobody home at Fluther Central

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Mom and Dad moved out on us. Just left us here alone.

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