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Why am I not hungry in the mornings?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42442points) May 11th, 2016

I usually go to bed feeling pretty hungry, and looking forward to eating next, but when I wake up I’m not hungry, and I don’t start to feel hungry until 3 or 4 hours later. I mean, I can eat if I want to, but I don’t usually want to.

Why is that? Does it make any sense?

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I’m not, either. I will have coffee in the morning but no food until around 11, and I’m awake since around anywhere between 4 and 7.

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I wonder why that is. I mean, the very term “breakfast,” is breaking a “fast,” although I don’t really consider 8 or 9 hours of not eating as a “fast.”

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If you go to bed hungry, your ‘fast’ has been more than 8 or 9 hours.

Chances are, while you’re sleeping your body slows your metabolism and your body’s not getting the message to re-start.

I don’t entirely believe this, but it backs up my thoughts.

When do you poop?
Is your fecal matter elimination cycle regular?

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I’ve been that way all of my life, and my shit is fine, thank you for asking! ~ ;)

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If my last meal is around 8 pm (usually not later than) and my breakfast is at around 11 am, then it’s been over 12 hours for me. Usually more like 15.

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I’ve never been a morning eater, or a late eater.

I’ve been eating a high fiber diet and eating a fairly late dinner. The later dinner helps me sleep more soundly and the fiber means I have a morning dump. I don’t eat a lot after, but I have to eat something because I’m ravenous. I think that counter-acts the late eating, as I’ve been steadily getting slimmer. I don’t weigh, but it appears I’ve gone from pushing a 33” waist to comfortable in 31”. (Disclaimer: That could be anecdotal.)

I’m seriously starting to think that there’s something to the assertion that Americans are carrying around a massive amount of waste and bloat. Yeah, the informercials are a scam – you can do the same thing just as easily on your own, for free – but I think most American guts are stuffed full of…well…shit.

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It sounds like you may have trained yourself not to reliably recognize hunger. Any chance you’ve deliberately ignored feeling hungry at any point?

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You have to work out in the morning. Moving your body will make it require food cause you burned cals and need to replenish your muscles.

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I never eat in the morning either. I drink coffee for a few hours on and off and then usually eat something around 11–12. It is 12:17 p.m. here now and I just had a bowl of raisin bran about 20 minutes ago.

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If you dream that you ate then you wake up to a sensation of a full stomach even if you can’t recall the dream

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Sometimes I ignore hungry @longgone. It just depends on the circumstances.
I think, maybe, it can go the other way too. If you eat at a certain time every day, say noon, you train your body to feel hungry at that time, even if your last meal was sufficient to last for a few hours past noon.

Now I’m doing the math @jca. I finish eating for the day by 4:00, usually. So I do feel a little hungry by 8, 10 at night, but I don’t feel a pressing need to take care of it. And since I’m not hungry when I wake up I guess I was right.
Then the next time I eat is about 11 or noon the next day. So that’s….18 hours! How odd it is that I don’t feel hungry. But it’s OK. I just wonder why. @ibstubro link suggests that that is not that uncommon and suggests a possible reason.

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I’m like you, I’m not usually hungry in the mornings, even if I go to bed starving. If I am hungry enough, I’ll just have some fruit or cereal. I have never been a big breakfast person. I do like breakfast for dinner though.

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@Dutchess_III Yeah, definitely. Which is why I try to listen to my body and eat or drink whenever it tells me to. It works for me – I’ve never been on a diet, I eat what I feel like eating, and both my weight and health are a non-issue. I really liked this talk:

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Re: listening to your body: For a long, long time I drank a LOT of water. I always had a 32oz styrofoam cup of ice water on hand. I thought it was good for you. Then I had gone to the doctor complaining of dizziness and an inability to concentrate like I should. Turns out my sodium levels were tanking because of my water intake. Now I drink when my body tells me I’m thirsty.

@longgone, Thank you for that! So book marked. So many thoughts I have on it. For example when I’m hungry, and I begin to eat, after about 5 bites, if I’m consciously paying attention, I find that my original hunger has subsided quite a bit after just those 5 bites (this is assuming you’re eating something quite filling, like potatoes or meat, not lettuce.) It makes sense if you remember your stomach is only the size of your fist.

Also, that video explained why my weight has held fast at almost exactly 145 for the past 7 years….I guess that’s my new “set point.” It used to be quite a bit lower. 125 when I was about 18 – 40, then 135 from 40 – 50, and now 145. BMI shows it’s excellent at 145, but I’m still adjusting my eating because I think I would like 135 better. But I don’t do anything that I can’t continue to do for the rest of my life. I’m not giving up breads, for example. Hail no!

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@Dutchess_III Glad you liked it. Maybe you can get that reliable hunger feeling back by offering smaller portions to your body throughout the day. That’s what a friend of mine did after being on a string of diets (many of them not even consciously) for years. It worked for her!

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Oh, I think my hunger is reliable. Feeling a bit hungry doesn’t bother me at all. It’s easy to ignore until it becomes more demanding.

I’ve never been on a diet in my life.

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Aaaand, it’s one of those days! I’ve been invited to a barbecue from 5 – 8, and I’m not going to eat until then. I’ll see to it that they didn’t waste all the money they’ve put into the food, at least on my behalf.

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