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Can you tell me your experience with personal trainers?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26784points) May 11th, 2016

I am considering buying a few sessions with a personal trainer and I’m weighing my options. I lead an active lifestyle and have for years, I don’t need help with motivation or with food or diet advice, but I have some health and joint mobility issues and I am hoping to tailor my workouts to be more effective without compromising my well being. This isn’t something that I’ve been able to get from my physical therapists, as they tend to err way too far on the side of caution and I end up with advice that doesn’t suit my lifestyle especially well.

I have heard that a lot of personal trainers can have an agenda or are out to sell supplements/products, and I don’t want to deal with anything like that. I just want someone with professional knowledge to help me create a new workout regimen. Would that be realistic and how would I go about hiring someone to do that if I don’t belong to a gym (and don’t intend to)? Have any of you had personal experience that you can share?

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I’ve had two. Neither tried to sell me nutritional supplements, although he does it. I told him at the beginning I wasn’t interested, and the only nutrition thing he tells me is, “Eat before you come.” He charges 60 bucks a session for once a week (cheaper for more often). We go for an hour. He concentrates on whole body work as opposed to muscle isolating stuff. A general workout may have exercises that I’ve listed below, but it varies.

5 minute warm up on the treadmill
Battle ropes 3 times, while squatting (different arm positions)
20 pound ball toss
Lunges with weights
Ball slam
Push ups
Stair stepping with weights pushing over my head
Tabata row, crunches, or leg raises
and so on. Stuff like that.

I like the trainer because he forces me to go an hour when I’d be more prone to quit earlier. My problem is I don’t get to see him often enough.

hope that helps.

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I’ve never used a trainer.

Two people I know who are trainers are very extreme and they have “horrible” diets. Their high protein diets result in trim bodies and high cholesterol. Their doctors tell them it’s a problem. I’m sure some people can do those diets and their bodies handle it fine, I just happen to be acquaintances with two who see a “negative” result in their bloodwork. If you do any extreme diets I encourage you to get some basic blood tests from your doctor eventually.

One guy who worked at my gym in TN, he knew an incredible amount. He had a college degree in something related to physical something. I think a lot of trainers just have some sort of certificate. I really don’t know if there are any state regulations for qualifications. Anyway, the guy at my gym, his knowledge and ability to carry on a conversation about health and fitness was vastly different than other muscle people I know.

I think paying someone for a few sessions is worth it in that you might learn some new exercises and it forces you to show up and hopefully get into a routine.

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Serious answer….find a Yoga Therapist. They will focus on your physical limitations and help you rather quickly give you increased mobility, strength and balance in the these areas. My wife is one and has made great progress with her students that no Physical Therapist/Napropath and their methods could do for these people.

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I didn’t know that yoga therapist was a thing. Learn something new every day.

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I think @Judi knows all about yoga. You might ask her about it.

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I am not a huge fan of doing yoga, so I don’t think that would be a good fit for me, but it’s interesting to know.

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@ANef_is_Enuf If you are on Facebook almost all communities now have a “What’s Happening in (name of your town). On mine people are asking questions like yours all the time and give solid referrals to local businesses and services and even better will offer critical reviews if they had a bad experience. I found a lady personal trainer that teaches out of her house 2 blocks from my house that has rave reviews.

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@Cruiser thanks, that’s a good idea.

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I’ve had two personal trainers.

The first was amazing, still talk to him. He was super motivating and never once tried to sell me anything or push me too far. Saw awesome results with him.

The second also never tried to sell me anything, but I never saw results with her.

So yes I think it would be realistic.

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