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How to get water stains out of clothes after washing and drying?

Asked by AshlynM (10552points) May 12th, 2016

Some clear spots appear on my clothes after they’ve been through the washer and dryer. I don’t use any detergent or spot remover. I usually wash all laundry on cold or warm, rarely hot.
It’s a mystery to me why these spots appear.

Clothes aren’t stained when they go in the wash. Anyone else get these weird spots? How do I get rid of them?

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“I don’t use any detergent or spot remover.”

What do you wash your clothes with?

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”...clear spots appear…”

What do you mean by clear spots, and are they on white or colored clothes?
Have you had the same results using a different washer and dryer?

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In addition to the questions above, what is the water like where you are? “Hard” waters, with a lot of mineral content, will leave a residue.

I lived in an area with very hard water, and every glass in the county that had been washed more than three times was cloudy, despite being clean.

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Do you mean a stain that has a yellowish ring?

If it’s possibly related to hard water maybe a Lemi Shine product will help? Be careful about what fabric it might be safe on. If it doesn’t harm the fabric you could use some Lemi shine powder in a wash cycle maybe?

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Oops, I do use laundry detergent to wash my clothes. I mean no bleach or anything extra. The spots are clear, they’re not any color. I’ve only seen them on colored clothing and it doesn’t affect every single item. I’d link a pic if I could.

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I believe certain liquid fabric softeners can cause this, if you’re using them?

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I don’t use fabric softeners, so maybe it’s the water.

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I can’t help but think there’s some sort of breakdown in communication here.

@AshlynM please read through this:
Weird spots showing up on my cotton T Shirts after washing—HELP!

And if that doesn’t help, see if you can find an existing photo that is representative of your problem?

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Interesting to know I’m not the only one experiencing it. Thanks for your help.

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