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Would you like it if it were easier to post photos on Fluther?

Asked by jca (36043points) May 12th, 2016

I know that no significant changes are being made to the site. However, one that, to me, would be nice (if the Fluther gods were willing and able) is the ability to post photos more easily than it is now.

Something along the lines of the FB method, which is click on a photo tab, click “post” and voila.

Would you like that or does it not matter to you?

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Random assholes would post porn or other inappropriate photos.

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It doesn’t matter much to me, except for when I’m trying to get an answer to a question that would require a photo. An example would be pictures of plants. But when I think of all the photos teens may pose on wardrobe, that may get annoying. And as @marinelife posted, porn would also be posted.

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@jca The photo could also contain virus and malware elements.

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@Tropical_Willie Are posted photos any more dangerous in that regard than the links we post to pictures, articles etc?

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It’s a bit of a hassle, but so is everything else.

Good question, @Cruiser. Whether we upload a pciture, to Photobucket or Flikr or where ever, from out computer or copy and past a link to a picture on a website, isn’t there the potential for malware?

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The difference between us and Facebook is that Facebook hosts their own photos, meaning that the photo data is stored on Facebook servers, at cost to them. That’s why you have to use an external tool to upload a photo and then share it on Fluther, Fluther isn’t spending money on that kind of server space. If you want a really easy photo hosting website, try

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Imgur is fine by me.

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Yeah, I could go for that.

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Yes, I’m lazy and hate using photobucket etc. That’s why I put anything I might want to share in my avatar. lol

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No, I wouldn’t like it. I would intensely dislike it. People who really want to see the babies, the kittens, and the snow-covered yards can click a link.

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I think a fair balance is something like this.

And if you click the icon you get this.

That doesn’t solve the hosting thing but it make seeing images easier since a new tab doesn’t need to be opened. And hopefully from some context you can tell what the image will be.

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You can put photos in chat. And one in your avatar at a time.

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You still have to post links from whatever photo hosting site you upload them to.

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I think hosting photos would be problematic for Fluther. Fluther is currently a fairly low-bandwitdh site that’s mostly text with “graphics” created by table borders and whatnot. Plus, hosting photos exposes the site to copyright violation claims and other legal risks. Having photos appear in the posts would also make it more difficult for people to browse the site at work, even if the images were not NSFW.

Answerbag made the mistake of allowing image uploads and slowly converted from a low-bandwith design to high-bandwidth with lots of images and graphics to make the site look “professional.” Some would say that marked the beginning of the slow fall.

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