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Have you ever cried/been very sad when a TV series ended?

Asked by anniereborn (13844points) May 13th, 2016

I think the only one I actually cried after was “Seinfeld”. But…it had been a big part of the life of my ex-husband’s and mine. We watched it together every week for 8 years. The season finale was the same month I moved out of our home.

Another one that got me very sad was “Six Feet Under”

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I cried at the season 4 finale of “Boardwalk Empire.”

Marvelous show if you haven’t seen it, by the way.

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@trolltoll I haven’t seen it, but now you have done spoiled it for me :p

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When Hunter x Hunter ended.

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I’ve never stuck with a TV series long enough to care by the time they finally had the season finale.

That said, we binge-watched the entire run of Six Feet Under in a month or so, and the season finale was just amazing. Truth told, if I’d watched the show on TV in installments, I would have given up around the time David was abused – it just got too dark. Binge watching, the finale made it all worth while.

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@anniereborn you are right, that was stupid. I went ahead and edited my answer so it wouldn’t contain the spoilers.

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I cry at everything. I cry when people go home on Masterchef*.

* Not the United States version since all of them are horrible people.

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@ibstubro I also watched SFU in a bingeing fashion. Although it was over a longer period than a month. And yes, that finale had me in tears.

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I also binge-watched Six Feet Under. What a great show! That finale was amazing, but brutal. Someone may have been cutting a few onions right next to me. Not sure.

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Dungeons and Dragons the cartoon series. Spiderman the animated series 1994. Invader Zim.

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Thinking back, I’m sort of surprised that I did actually loose a tear or two during the SFU finale. And yet, I remember it with 100% total fondness.
Part of what made it great for me was that I started the series almost completely in the dark on the plot lines. Binge-watching, I had absolutely no inkling what the finale would be until I watched it. So perfect.

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And Married with Children.

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I watched the final Carson Tonight Show recently, and that made me cry.
Back then, you couldn’t just call this up at a whim, so I’d not seen the finale all these years.
What a great guy.

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When Better Midler sat on the edge of his desk, looked at him while singing and “Make it One for my Baby” I was definitely crying. How perfect an ending.

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I honestly don’t see how it was possible to stay dry eyed, @Buttonstc.
And I saw it years after the fact. I can’t imagine if I’d seen it on live TV.

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Well I just watched it again and Johnny was tearing up too.

And the words of that song were just so perfect.

But it also goes to show how memory slips. She was looking at him (great camera work) but not sitting on the edge of the desk. Oh well :)

(And I did watch it live as well as several times thereafter. And somewhere among all my stuff it sits on a VHS cassette tape.)

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Yes. I did for Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Lost, Revenge and Dexter (because of its shitty ending, right?).

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I recently watched Six Feet Under from start to finish. I cried too @DoNotKnowMuch. It left me feeling quite sad.

I can’t remember if I cried at the end of other series. I’ve certainly felt very sad at the end of series.

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Lost caused the floodgates to break open.

I’ve only seen a few episodes of Six Feet Under. It sounds worthy of watching from start to finish.

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No, I really haven’t

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@ucme, I bet you didn’t even cry at Cold Feet. :-)

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@Earthbound_Misfit If there’s an inside joke in that it flew right over my head :D
I just don’t get the sadness, usually a tv series ends because it’s gone on for too many series & is getting tired & anyway, box sets rule

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I don’t think I’ve ever cried when a series ended, but a few have made me sad. Six Feet Under was a big one. That was an incredible series, and possibly the most perfect finale ever. To a small extent Frasier, because between that series and Cheers before it the character of Frasier Crane had become, at least to my mind, something of an institution that I had watched since childhood. Breaking Bad was another one, though I think the producers ended that series at precisely the right moment. The 3rd-to-last episode, ‘Ozymandias’, just floored me.

By the time Sons of Anarchy came to a close I was glad to see it end, as the show had been dangerously close to jumping the shark for awhile.

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@ucme, I think that has to be one of the biggest tear-jerker series endings ever. I’m just not sure how anyone could watch that and not be sad.

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@Earthbound_Misfit Not something I ever watched, I cried with laughter when Downton Abbey finished though

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I’d have liked to see another season or two of The Newsroom. I get into a towering fury when Game of Thrones skips a week. They do it every season, the bastards.

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Oh, all the time. I have more emotion toward a well-written character than I have toward real people most of the time.

Downton Abbey had me in tears nearly every episode. I watched them ahead of my American friends and it was murder not having anyone to talk to about it. Shut up, @ucme :-P

The most recent series of American Horror Story had a bit of a tearjerker ending. It didn’t really make sense with the context of the rest of the story, but it was still sweet, and they had to end it somewhere.

Battlestar Galactica. shut up, @Rarebear

House. It was a bit weird, but I liked it.

So many more, but probably just as many that left me blisteringly angry, too. The X Files, anyone? Dexter? MAD MEN?!?

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No, never have cried but the few series I have gotten into made me feel kinda bummed out when I finished all the seasons. Losing the looking forward to the next binge watching moment. haha

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DA played like one of our home movies :D

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Count me in with Six Feet Under. To this day it is one of the only TV shows I have ever followed on TV (not including binge watching series on Netflix), and the finale still makes me cry. So good.

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spoiler alert
@dammitjanetfromvegas I cried when Dexter ended too. I fell in love with the characters and the last series was meh. All of the other characters just went to shit. Deb dying reallyy got me bad and the ending was just wtf.

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^Deb dying got me too. I fucking loved her.

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Same. I cried the whole night I was so upset.

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Really? She was a drinking game in our house. One “fuck”, one drink. A combo “You fucking fucker” – two drinks. Anything creative: “Sweet Mary mother of fuck!” – three drinks.

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OMG @Seek xD
That was one of the best things about her character.
But she was also so loving, and broken, and dorky and adorable and vulnerable but strong at the same time. I just couldn’t help falling in love with her over time.

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Sure, a lot of them! I teared up at Six Feet Under and Downton Abbey as well (solidarity, @Seek! Though I was too furious about the BSG finale to be sad about that one.).

Others included MASH, Friends, STNG and DS9, The West Wing and The Newsroom.

And, uh, Gilmore Girls? I defy anyone not to cry at that series finale. Though I guess it’s not really a finale anymore.

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@dappled_leaves – BSG wasn’t sad… just tearful.

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I was way too mad about the crappy ending of Dexter to have any time for tears.

They spend years convincing us that he’s not really a psychopath because he tries to only kill people who deserve it, he really does have feelings because look at what a caring Dad he is to his little boy and then….

If he truly cared one iota about the future of the kid he never would have left him to be raised by that extremely unstable psycho bitch (even tho they tried to make it seem like she changed and really “loved” the kid)

It’s not as if he didn’t have any other choices. Yeah. That whole ending just pissed me off so bad. And the whole last season wasn’t exactly a charmer either.

I think, collectively, they all just kind of gave up. The season with John Lithgow as Trinity should have been the last. It was all downhill after that.

It’s been a long time since I’ve allowed myself to think about all of this.

At least Breaking Bad and The Shield knew how to wrap up a fantastic series with an ending it deserved.

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Oh hell yeah, the finale for The Shield, especially Mackey’s fate, was just perfect.

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I really loved that show. Practically every week you’re in nail biting suspense thinking they’ll finally nail him.

Great writing and it stayed true to itself right to the end. Same with Breaking Bad.

If they had tried to pull some crap about Walt being cured of cancer and living happily ever after in Fiji or stupidity like that, I would have thrown somethibg at the TV :)

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I just remembered another one even tho it was a while ago now.

But “Sleeping in Light” the final episode of Babylon 5 had me bawling my eyes out.

It was so well done and was written and directed by the originator of the series, J. Michael Straczynski himself.

Interestingly, he said that he had the basics of the ending planned out right from the first day of writing it.

I wish the people behind Dexter had shown the same foresight :)

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@Buttonstc “If they had tried to pull some crap about Walt being cured of cancer and living happily ever after in Fiji or stupidity like that, I would have thrown somethibg at the TV :)”

Indeed. But I do like to think that Jesse got away, and is now living somewhere far away from Albuquerque under a new identity and, maybe not happily ever after, but at least at peace. I think he deserves that after all he went through.

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Have you watched any of “Better Call Saul?

I was a little skeptical last season because spin offs can sometimes be so cheesy.

But BCS is truly its own thing and far better than I expected. Same great plotting constantly keeping you wondering what will happen next.

And for Bob Odenkirk, the character role and show of a lifetime. He is a terrific actor and comic. I didn’t really care for him that much from his other projects, but he was so terrific and quirky in BB and now in his own show.

Plus, we get more of Jonathan Banks (Mike) Even tho he got killed off in BB, we now get to learn more about his character since this show is a prequel.

I thought that was pretty clever of them to do it that way.

Do you remember him in that show quite a while back about an undercover guy infiltrating the mob with him as the handler? I forget the name right now.

EDIT: It was called Wiseguy and was a pretty good show. And Banks was terrific in it.

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I’ve watched season 1 of Better Call Saul. Haven’t seen any of season 2 yet (don’t have cable). And yeah, I’m a little surprised at just how great it’s turned out to be so far. Spin-offs usually suck, and of all the characters on Breaking Bad I didn’t really see what potential there could have been in Saul Goodman. I knew better than to just expect a “quirky client of the week” type show, but at the same time I couldn’t figure what else they could do with it.

I only sorta vaguely remember that there was a show called Wiseguy. Wasn’t that like mid-80s?

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Fuck Chuck. BCS turned out to be better than I thought it would.

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Yes, I do it all the time, but I’m perimenopause and depressed so that explains it!

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Wiseguy ran from 1987–90 and even tho I keep forgetting it’s name, what I can’t forget was the plethora of talent assembled in that show.

Not only Jonathan Banks but Stanley Tucci and a little known NY stage actor and future Oscar winner by the name of Kevin Spacey as well as others.

His portrayal of paranoid, drug addled gun runner and drug dealer, Mel Profitt, was so good I still remember it to this day even tho I sometimes forget in which show I saw it.

Even tho it didn’t run that ling , it was a seminal series in numerous ways.

Here’s a brief article entitled “All Roads Lead to Wiseguy” you might find interesting.

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Ooooh. Stanley Tucci!

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I can’t tell if you’re being a little sarcastic there or genuinely enthused about Tucci :)

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I genuinely really like Stanley.
I’ve always thought he was a very good, very appealing actor.

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