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Can girls with round faces and bulbous features wear hair bangs?

Asked by cecilia09 (205points) May 14th, 2016

Which bangs style would suit them the best to make there face appear longer and the features more slim?

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Well, they can. They can wear their hair any way they want. I don’t know if we have any cosmology experts here, so you could probably get better results from Google.

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@Dutchess_III We do have a lot of cosmology aficionados on fluther, what we are lacking is cosmetology experts.

It isn’t the bangs so much as what are you doing with the style on the sides?

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When you say “bulbous features,” are you referring to large noses?

If yes, blunt, heavy bangs tend to accentuate the wearer’s nose. Compare this photo to this one, or and Same people, same noses, but very different looks.

I’m neither a cosmologist nor a cosmetologist, but I have noticed that dramatic bangs might not be flattering for everyone.

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I need to see a photo. The Chinese often have round features and they can look very cute with bangs. Bangs depend on more than just the shape of the face. My MIL has a short forehead, and bangs wouldn’t look good on her for that reason in my opinion.

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There’s this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this.

So I would say yes. ;)

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If they want to. If they have the sides longer that will elongate their face.

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Peanuts’ Lucy pulls it off well.

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They can; but in my opinion, they shouldn’t. I’m short & tend to go round with the least amount of weight gain. I have a very wide forehead & look strange with my hair brushed back; so I’ve worn bangs most of my life. As I’ve matured. I’ve noticed I look somewhat like a frog when I wear bangs yet due to my lifelong habit, I feel I look strange with bangs also. So, now I still wear bangs but style them so they sweep to the right or the left. That way I have a balance between froggy bangs & freakish forehead.

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