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Does anyone know what kind of Gecko this is?

Asked by meowomon (43points) July 29th, 2008

It has been on my house in north Florida and loves the bugs that fly around the porch light.

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it seems is a Gekko athymus gecko, or brown gecko, a better picture will help a lot :)

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Geckos are grand! We had one in our house in Hawaii that kept our home bug free for years!

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Yep, the best pest control device a person can have :)

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I’m guessing it may be Hemidactylus frenatus, the Common House Gecko, originally from SE Asia and Northern Africa, but now common in the Southern US. Take a look at this picture and see what you think.

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When I was in Laos, it was considered good luck to have a gecko in your house (they eat the spiders and other stinging/biting creatures in the house). It was a little distracting when they would call all night on the wall over your head.

In Florida, there are populations of tokay geckos that are released pets ( If you walk down the street at dusk, you hear their very loud territorial calls – it sounds exactly like “F*#*k You!”

Your photo looks somewhat like the Mediterranean House gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus)

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I wish I could get a better picture, but the darned thing moves so fast! I can’t get close enough. There are a couple of different geckos. One that is “frillier” than this one. And paler. It has a lacy looking pattern around the perimeter of its body. That one moves like lightning and I haven’t been able to snap a picture of it. They are such curious little creatures and move in such a unique way.

What is so interesting is that I had a dream about having a pet gecko in a big aquarium. I woke up that night (I sleep during the day, I’m a nurse) and told my roommate the dream, she then took the dogs out to the back yard and there on the wall was a gecko. We have been seeing them regularly since.

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Where do you live? Florida is bing overun by introduced species.

I found that you can chase a gecko back and forth on a wall until they tire (you can actually see them puffing for breath) and then catch (or photograph) them.

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I live in Tallahassee, Florida. I think if I chased them back and forth, I would be huffing and puffing! They are really fast little buggers and the frilly one is amazing. I think this guy was a little fat and slow from all the bugs he was eating!

I am trying to get a picture of the frilly one because I can’t find one even close to the way he looks on any of the pics on the internet.

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I thought so. Florida’s native wildlife is being wiped out by nonindegenous species (some through agriculture, many through the pet trade). If you’re interested, the book Strangers in Paradise: Impact And Management Of Nonindigenous Species In Florida is a little dry, but scary in the larger context.

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I think it is a Hemidactylus frenatus because this gecko is smoother than the H. turcicus. Now, the other gecko is really lacy and more unusual looking than this one. He is a lot paler too. Can they change color like a chameleon?

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Some species can modify their color, but not to the extent of chameleons. They mostly can get lighter or darker.

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This picture of the house gecko seems to have the translucency visible in your picture.

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Love geckos. As a side note, has he offered to lower your car insurance?

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Be careful, (s)he may be with eggs. My mom had to rename our Honolulu houseguest Sheila when she picked her up and her “youngins” spilled out.

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these look like all the geckos that live around my porchlight in AZ

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Looks like the ones I have in Tampa FL. They sure seem to being doing well. They must be getting around with people.

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