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Can fluther be used inside sharepoint for our IT helpdesk at work?

Asked by Williame (7points) May 16th, 2016

I am on the IT helpdesk part of a small team of 5 people. We provide all of the support for the 300+ employees and maintain the network. We are looking at ways to empower our users and essentially clear out alot of the reactive helpdesk work so we can concentrate on more proggresive project based work. I wondered if a site like this could be integrated into sharepoint or atleast its search feature so that we can direct common questions here for example Microsoft Office queries and printing queries which often get asked and re asked on the helpdesk. We have tried adding a common QA section on Sharepoint but nobody uses it as they must still feel the need to ask in there own sjprthand so they still submit to our helpdesk.

So my question here which is also my first one is also a way of saying helloe and indeed also testing the water.

I look forward to the responses

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Good question. I don’t know what the architecture is of Fluther and how amenable it is to Sharepoint’s data structures. The real answer to your question would have to come from the fluther techies.

All of that said, why would you pick Fluther, as opposed to any of the numerous forum / commenting web-based software packages out there? Those seem to be pre-made for support and threads and such. (See for an example).

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I’m being a bit of a smartass but if you are working IT helpdesk you could just write a script that copies the question and posts it here

You know you want to.

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