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Have you updated to Windows XP Service pack 3?

Asked by mcbealer (10198points) July 29th, 2008

Windows update keeps telling me that the update is ready for my computer. I remember attempting before, and it seemed way more entailed than I had time for, so I cancelled it.

I like to keep things up-to-date, so it’s bugging me that this is hanging out there. I do have a bunch of questions though, if any flutherites would like to take a stab at them….

1) Any maintenance I should do beforehand?
2) Any troubleshooting tips I should be aware of?
3) Also, in your response, please let me know if you have installed this update, and any problems you ran into during the process.

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Yes, we have installed it on a bunch of computers here at work…so far so good, no issues to report.

they always suggest that you backup your data before an update like this, but I have never had any problems with the service packs crashing my system. of course, it does happen, so it is probably not a bad idea to do so.

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No, and I would suggest that you not do it either. Lots of folks are reporting no troubles, others, usually consumer level folks are seeing some problems. Personally speaking, I think MS released SP3 just to make problems so people would feel better about upgrading to Vista.

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We’ve been updating them on work machines that mainly run Office and a couple SQL apps, and it’s been fine so far.

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I’ve heard of issues with Service Pack 3: However, I have it installed on 3 machines and nothing to report. Everyone’s PC is, admittedly, different.

Note: Two of these machines have a special bootleg copy of XP on them that passes WGA and everything, so it matters not if it’s a hacked copy or an OEM bulk edition.

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Vista, baby!

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Still running SP2!

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I know of no real benefits and have heard horror stories, so I have avoided it myself except on one brand new computer I helped someone get, which came shipped with SP3, and despite having very little history, is locking up at random for no apparent reason. I have no plans to ever install SP3 unless and until forced to.

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I’m running SP2 at the moment and I don’t find any reason to upgrade. Here are some problems that may occur if I did:

1. It would most likely screw up my computer.
2. Break my apps.
3. Have compatibility issues.

And most of all, since I use dialup (28.8 kps which actually averages around 2.5 kps download) I do not have the time or patience to download it. There you go.

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@ all ~ well, so far the consensus is “If it’s not broken, why fix it”

Glad to hear it is optional, I think I’ll go in and mark it “forget this update”

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I did and was p!ssed of to find they had removed my beloved address bar! ugh. There is a third party addon, but this seemed rather counter productive to me.

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@ tekn0lust ~ it removes the url address bar?

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Not from IE, but from the desktop toolbar across the bottom. It’s due to an antitrust ruling against MS for having IE too integrated with the OS.

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