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What is the size of hospital mattresses in thailand?

Asked by mtldude101 (5points) July 29th, 2008
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Wow, more specific? And just out of curiosity… Why the hell do you want to know that?! lol

I bet it varies a lot.

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I’ve been to the hospital in Vientienne. Don’t go there.

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Why not?

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Vientienne is also an accepted spelling.

My lab that I had set up in Lac Xao with materials brought in suitcases (over several trips) was better stocked than the hospital in the capital of the country.

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I am trying to do some research on the various sized of hospital mattresses in various countries…I am focusing on Asia pacific for the moment : Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei. If anyone can help me, that would greatly be appreciated

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find the email address of the public relations dept. of a hospital in each country and ask.
If you have a good enough reason they may just answer.

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Sorry syz, I was being a butt.

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