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Are home made frozen burgers better than fast food?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17706points) May 17th, 2016

I bought 40 frozen burgers for $30 ($0.75 each). So I at least am saving money. I also buy hamburger buns for $2.50 for eight. I don’t use butter. I cook the burgers in an electric frying pan and they taste great. I now save $400 a month on take out, which I spent on two books shelves and books and tuition for Anatomy and Physiology from ICS (international Career School ) at $400 for 12 months.

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@anniereborn Thanks for the link. I just checked. They are similar. I save $10 per burger. So it is great. At least I am saving on delivery and tip. Maybe I should add some lettuce and tomato? Also I get less worry about spit and NSFW in my burger. Lol.

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It’s definitely making a healthy change to your budget!

Also you can have vegetables & fruit on the side which you won’t typically get from a fast food place.

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They’re exactly the same, just cheaper.

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Nutrition facts are useful, but it’s also important to take into account what’s going into your body. Apparently, McDonalds puts a lot of unspecified shit in their burgers as well. I wish I knew the details.

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It depends on the amount of beef fat added to the burgers. I buy lean 93% ground beef with 7% fat for my burgers. Most frozen burger is 80–20% or less.

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I like to keep frozen patties in the freezer for a quick meal, too. Whole grain buns with lettuce, tomatoes, onions makes for a good quick dinner. Drain or pat off the fat. I like oven fries with mine. Also, I use fish patties to change it up a bit. Not the crumb coated ones.

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Can’t wait to hear all aout the books after you read them.

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They might be better quality. Also, if you add tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, you know the quality of the things you add. Also, you can make them according to how you like them – add Worcestershire sauce or whatever. They probably taste way better than McD’s.

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If they taste great to you, that’s all that really matters.

For the long haul, I’d recommend seasoning the burgers up a bit. If you have a everything’s-a-dollar store available you might try seasoning blends made for steak, or all purpose. Basically a burger can be seasoned and dressed to taste like foods you like – i.e. pizza, taco, etc.

If you do get take-out, request extra condiment packets – they can be a shelf stable way of mixing your burgers up a bit.

Lastly, you should be able to buy buns cheaper. Walmart here has them under $1 for 8, and other brands well under $2.

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Yes. Far cheaper, too, and you don’t have to deal with some pimply faced teenager whining because he’s not getting paid $15.00/hour doing something anyone could do.

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Also look for pork burgers and turkey burgers.
They may be cheaper, and will offer a little variety.

I know here in the States, you can get a George Foreman (type) grill for a few bucks 2nd hand. That might give you good results, even faster and easier.

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I eat frozen burgers and they are much healthier than what you get fast food wise. Fast food is so high and sodium and carbs that it’s ridiculous. When I make a burger at home I decide exactly what goes on it and control the sodium by doing that. Also I use potato rolls which are a bit smaller so you’re having less bread but they still work really well.

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Here’s probably the cheapest way to buy hamburgers.

When I was buying burgers for the auction house, I’d buy a 10# chub of ground beef at a full service meat counter and ask them to freeze it solid, then cut into burgers on the meat saw. Cut a bit over ½” thick, yields about 33 burgers. You can put waxed paper between the frozen patties and bag up.

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@GSLeader “you don’t have to deal with some pimply faced teenager whining because he’s not getting paid $15.00/hour doing something anyone could do.”

Not to sidetrack the topic (though this is in social), but this sorta thing always gets me. Our society lives by the maxim of ”you get what you pay for”. Then people complain about the service they get from people whom they aren’t willing to pay enough to give a shit.

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