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What is your favorite theme park?

Asked by tinyfaery (42366points) July 29th, 2008

I LOVE Disneyland! I’ve been there at least 25 times. But truthfully, I just enjoy theme parks in general, especially the rides. I’d like to know what your favorite theme park is, and your favorite, ride, attraction, etc. What makes that park your favorite? Disneyland just has such nostalgia for me. And my favorite ride is Space Mountain, of course.

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disneyworld. no if ands or buts!

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@bigbrain Sorry, but Disneyland is the OG; Disneyworld is just a clone.

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Disneyland, without a doubt.

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I love Disneyland, too. The Matterhorn is my favorite. I also love any theme park that has huge rollercoasters.

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Ahh! LA just had an earthquake. Long…..

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Disneyworld, but I haven’t been since I was 8. My husband and I want to try to go next Dec.

Or Busch Gardens because I have fond memories. We lived in the Tampa area until I was 9 and my grandparents took me almost every weekend. I guess it’s more about remembering the time spent with them then the park but going back there now makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

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Disneyland for the experience, but Universal Studios for the rides. Disney is always fun, but Universal has much better thrill rides.

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I like Pirates of the Caribbean_and _Space Mountain during the day. But the best thing about Disneyland is riding the Matterhorn bobsleds at night.

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Disneyland, the one & only. One of my favorite things (don’t laugh) is eating on the back patio/deck at the Hungry Bear Restaurant. :)

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@lefteh I’ve always wanted to go there. Someday…

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Disney World ! We love all of the parks! We have been there many many times with our daughter, and plan to go again at the end of next year to celebrate my niece’s fifth birthday, and her very first trip to Disney World. When I am there, I feel like a child again. It really makes me want to buy a princess dress and hat, but sadly I am too old! And…my daughter, who will be 15, would probably kill me

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@mzgator I don’t have kids, but I’m at an age where I could easily have young teen. I own a pair of Minnie ears that I wear every time I go to Disneyland, and even a Mickey Santa hat for the winter season (which is the best time to go in my opinion). That’s the best part of Disneyland(world), you can be a kid for awhile.

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@tinyfaery: I’m going next week! It’s not that expensive.. $44 covers everything but the obvious…food, games, souvenirs, etc.

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@lefteh $44? That’s very inexpensive. But, I’d have to take a plane to Ohio as well. :(

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Haha, yeah, that’s where your expense would come in. I just have to pay for a few gallons of gas. Yay, Ohio!

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Third Planet from the Sun. Amazing and thrilling rides, unbelievable animal exhibits and great food concessions. Did I mention the create your own souvenirs booth?

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@lefteh, yeah cedar point, im from michigan and i love that place

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@Marina Where is this?

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@tinyfairy You’re floatin’ on it, babe. Our Southern California friends got a free E ticket ride today.

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@Marina I’ve always been bad at riddles.

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Disney World for sure…i can’t get enough of that place…it’s especially fun during the winter months when there are fewer people there, the weather is nice and there’s just a lot of stuff going on during that time. when you step onto Disney property, it’s like you’ve been transported to a different world. that is unless you hate Disney. I’m not a fan of the thrill rides, so I’m not bothered by the fact that most of the rides are pretty tame.

we love the fact that when you stay on disney property, you can really escape from everything. especially when you take advantage of all the free transportation and other bonuses that come with staying on site. there’s just so much to do and see. my favorite park is Magic Kingdom, but I’d be happy anywhere you put me at Disney World.

i realize how womanly I sound right about now, but I can’t help it, I’m a Disney World junkie

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@tf Probably just my silly sense of humor.

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The Library of Congress

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Disneyland. It was great when I was childless and even better with kids. I know all the crappy stuff about Walt but I still love Disneyland. My favorite rides are the Pirates of the Caribbean – the scent of it has stayed with me my whole life, and the Peter Pan ride – I love to take off into the air and fly over London.

Disneyland is magical for sure.

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I’ve still got an old Disneyland ticket book. Still has plenty of E tickets in it as well. You always wanted to save an A ticket for the end of the day so that you could ride the train to the front of the park.

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AC: My mom still has an E book too. It’s still intact and everything.

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Im with lefteh Cedar Point is awesome. They have a ton of amazing coasters and definitely the best ive ever been on. I wasnt real crazy about the drag racer coaster there because it was so short, but the view from the top was breath taking for that brief second, over looking the great lakes and canada, awesome.

I’ll tell you what park i hate as well. Six Flags Great Adventure. What a bunch of money hungry whores they are. When you go on a roller coaster and you have a bag or something with you, what do you do with it? Leave it next to the coaster as your ride and then pick it up after right? Yea, you cant do that at six flags anymore. You HAVE to buy a locker. And its not even a locker for the whole day, it only lasts 120 min(usually the time your in the damn line) and its one use. So you HAVE to pay for a locker before EVERY coaster there. LAME. Plus Kindaka is lame, how are you going to just copy Cedar Points roller coaster exactly except make it a tiny bit higher and a tiny bit faster and then go off about how you have the greatest coaster. Thats like the same thing as the asshole on the price is right who bids one dollar over the top score and wins. eghhhh. Hate six flags.

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DisneyWorld for a “family”, complete experience. Cedar Point for a kick ass rollercoaster experience.

@lefteh – i am going to CP aug 16th/17th weekend…can’t wait!
@uberbatman – you mean “Dragster”. i agree. that ride is worth the wait and very thrilling. the view at the top is definitely priceless.

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I just went to Disneyworld, and it was amazing. Epcot and Magic Kingdom r by far my favorite.

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Disney World really is my favorite place on earth. My parents went there on their honeymoon (the year after it opened!), and they took me and my sister every couple of years while we were growing up. Even more than going on the rides, I love just being there and soaking up the atmosphere around me. My very favorite thing to do is sit in World Showcase after dark, eating a pastry from the norwegian bakery and waiting for the fireworks to start – and then, of course, watching the fireworks. Definitely my happiest place on earth. =)

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@sd Disney has the best fireworks of all time!!

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@tiny: I know – they’ve ruined all other fireworks for me forever. The fourth of July is nothing compared to a Disney fireworks show! Illuminations at Epcot will always hold a special place in my heart, but have you seen Fantasmic? So cool!!!

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I actually just got back from the east coast where I went to Busch Gardens Europe for a day. that was quite fun.. I loved all the little themes, paris and england etc etc
was quite cool. I’ve never been to any of the Disneys and I’m not really a big fan of theme parks in the first place but perhaps I’ll stop by there eventually

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@generalspecific—i am not a fan of theme parks for the most part, either, and i didn’t know I loved Disney until I visited Disney World. If you like the “little themes”, then you would love Disney World. All of the parks, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Magic Kingdom and MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios) have many themes within each park. Epcot probably has the most themes since they have several countries represented. And, people from those countries are employed by Disney to work in those parts of the park. for instance, in the Germany section of Epcot, the people who work in the shops and restaurants are from Germany.

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@Marina; Oy vey.

Always Disneyland.

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Disneyland without a doubt. I have been at least 200 times in my 37 years and it is still the most magical place on earth.

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Disneyland will always be number one and Six Flags Magic Mountain after that.

What makes Disneyland my favorite can be summed up in its nickname, The Magic Kingdom. It is exactly that and so much more.

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