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Would you watch a TV series that starred an actor you don't like?

Asked by YARNLADY (44437points) May 20th, 2016

I can’t stand James Spader and refuse to watch Blacklist. I did watch Boston Legal, but only because Shatner was in it.

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I actively avoid movies that have Leonardo DiCabrio in a starring role.

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Sure, if the series interested me. I might wind up loving the actor. I’ve changed my mind many times about actors based on a performance in a movie or on TV.

Funny you should mention Spader. I didn’t care for him until I started watching Boston Legal. I think he was marvelous in that series.

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I don’t have any preference for any actor. When I watch anything, I look for a good plot first. Anything else can come later.

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Probably. I’ve done so before. In its second year when Bruce Boxleitner came in as the new station commander on Babylon 5, even tho I don’t particularly care for him, the series was of such high quality that there was just no way I was going to give up such an excellent and exceptional show just because he was in it.

But if Mel Gibson were to ever appear in a series (even tho highly unlikely) I just don’t think I could get over my antipathy for such a supreme jerk

I’m trying to remember if there was ever a TV show I didn’t watch simply because of my dislike for a performer.

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King of Queens, Jerry Stiller
Seinfeld, Jerry Stiller
Bates Motel, Nestor Carbonell
I actually like these shows but I don’t like these people.

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I just remembered one. It was quite a while back so it slipped my mind.

Prior to John Stewart, the Daily Show starred Craig Kilborn

I had heard or read some very favorable buzz about it so decided to give it a try. But he was such a smug, self satisfied pompous ass with a superiority complex (and really not half as funny as he seemed to think he was.) that I just could not force myself to watch it. He was just so smarmy. Ugh.

I tried. I honestly tried so hard to develop an appreciation for him and the show but he just frayed my one last nerve.

And then, along came John Stewart like a breath of fresh air. He was smart as a whip and so funny. And he had the sense to be a little self-deprecating to balance out the smarts so that he didn’t engender instant dislike.

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Of course, very narrow minded approach to have
Like on here, someone can be a right head of a dick but ask a half decent question, i’m not going to deny myself any potential interaction with others on the thread due to my opinion of its author

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Obviously yes, because I can’t stand James Spader either and yet I love the Blacklist. It is well written. There are enough good actors around that I’m ok with him. Well actually it’s not that I hate James Spader but rather dislike his acting style. I will say the show did him no favors by giving him all these long winded dialogues that make his character seem ridiculous. Most thugs would’ve shot him in the face before he could be finish telling them since they were obvious stalls and boring stories. Once in a while though his stories have a related point to the shows story plot. The rest of the actors are awesome though and so was their character development.

Correction, there is an actor I absolutely cannot stand, David Caruso. Another person who should’ve been shot in the face during one of his long story tellings. My husband use to watch CSI Miami and I finally got him to see how stupid it was. Carusos character would go up to a person, lay out what he deduced by just looking at their face and suddenly the person would confess. On top of that, Caruso comes off like a horrible human robot in anything he acts in. Oh, and that thing he did with the glasses. I tried watching it with my husband when there was nothing to see and then I realized that getting my teeth drilled was less painful.

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are you saying you did not like this performance of his?

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@ragingloli LOL, no I didn’t. Makes me wonder if he writes all his own dialogue, because it is very similar to what he says and does in Blacklist. Nobody talks like this in real life. Well maybe except for Spader.

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I talk like that, all the time.

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I have two actors that I will avoid:

1) Mel Gibson – drunk anti-semite reactionary catholic

2) Charlie Sheen – needs no explanation

By definition, I will not watch anything that either of them are in – I will turn channels or turn off the TV if they appear. Their lifestyles are so reprehensible that I won’t give them the respect of watching them at all.

There are no female actors in that category (yet). Although Kardashians come close.

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Probably not.

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I find this question a little strange.

It seems obvious to me that if viewers stuck to programming with likeable actors (celebrities) there would be little content to choose from.

Part of enjoyable viewing is the ability to suspend one’s disbelief. I do this with actors too.

@ragingloli mentioned Leo DiCaprio. I am able to turn off the part of my mind that knows him as a Left Wing, climate change blowhard and simply enjoy the performance. Being Marty Scorsese’s latest muse doesn’t hurt.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Tom Cruise, yet. Jesus, what a complete FLAKE, Scientologist. Not that every film he has been in is a masterwork and he is only convincing in a narrow field of roles. (I think that Cruise is a control freak IRL and was therefore perfectly cast as one in Michael Mann’s Collateral. Scientologists: Will Smith, John Travolta…

But back to spewing shit from the mouth in the form of politics:

Irony department: Madonna, Susan Sarandon. These idiots publicly criticize the nation that nurtured their success, but even worse, defend states that would have them drawn and quartered for their seductive and sacrilegious image or portrayal of an assertive independent woman.

Roman Polanski… This genius is still at the top of his game. My wife won’t see his films because of past deeds and his evading of justice.

“Fame, fame, fatal fame.

It can play hideous tricks on the brain.”

-The Smiths.

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@ragingloli Loved the clip.

Sometimes Spader’s excellent delivery is short. The girl is, was, and always will be nada

I’ve been accused of speaking like Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman.

Bale, another horrible person that also happens to be a convincing actor.

Not much of a problem as he and I are done professionally

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more James Spader for me. I love that man

I don’t like David Schwimmer, but I like Friends.

I do actively avoid the seasons of The X Files with the Melty Terminator where Mulder should be.

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@SecondHandStoke You’ve never seen an actor act so poorly that you thought you would have to be stoned out of your mind to believe the character they are portraying.
@ragingloli Ok, so that makes you and Spader. But even if that is the case. If someone had a gun to your head, don’t you think giving those long boring stories like he does wouldn’t end in a quicker death. If I was a bad guy, I wouldn’t purposely listen to those long rantings. Why torture myself? I know the stories are suppose to sometimes give the views clues but most of them don’t. I don’t mind him as an actor when he’s actually interacting and not doing a whole solo dialogue unless it actually has to do with the show. Otherwise I just call it filler.

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Yes, David Caruso is so godawful that I wouldn’t watch him. It’s hard to be completely objective as I find shows such as CSI to be intolerably hokey.

For the benefit of all Jellies that cannot stand Caruso’s smug posturing here is some eyebleach

Not so tough are you Detective? You gave up a sweet gig on NYPD Blue to be in that abortion of a film Jade.


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I do not like Leo, because he is not a good actor.

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Tom Cruise was great in Tropic Thunder.

I need more coffee before I can answer this question. I kind if agree with Charlie Sheen.

Maybe George Lopez.

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@YARNLADY Your question made me chuckle because I’m crazy about James Spader but think his leading lady, Megan Boone, is a dreadful actor. I watch “Blacklist” despite Boone and because I can’t get enough of Spader.

If I don’t like an actor, I’ll consider him/her in the context of an entire TV series. Is the show well-written and well-directed? Is the rest of the cast strong? Does the show have lovely scenery? I might be able to overlook someone who, at least in my opinion, is a weak link.

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No. I don’t watch any TV shows, but the same goes for movies. I skip all movies that star Nicole Kidman, just for one.

I do rewatch the LOTR films from to time, but I always fast forward through Liv Tyler’s scenes.

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I loved Friends, but can’t stand Ross, or the actor who plays him.
On the other hand, I wouldn’t watch That 70’s Show, because the dad tried to kill Robocop.

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@filmfann Red Forman would be very pleased to put his foot in your @$$. :-)

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Sure, why not? To me it’s all about the writing anyway.

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Many times I won’t.

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