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When was the last time you fell down?

Asked by Coloma (47105points) May 20th, 2016

I biffed it so bad this morning!
Was carrying the large metal chicken waterer back into the hens yard when I tripped over a rock I use to block a little hole beneath the gate. Just splattered face first on the ground, arms out, chicken waterer flew across the yard, dented it and I was covered in dirt as I actually kinda skidded on my belly about 3 feet. lol

Actually, not very funny, as I really tweaked my right arm and left hand/wrist, scraped my right elbow and right knee. I am in total pain right now and can barely turn the steering wheel on my car. When was the last time you fell on your face out of the blue?

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Last winter I hit a patch of black ice in front of my house, soared through the air and landed on my head. All I saw was a huge flash of light, and I was stuck there in 4 degree weather wondering if I could even move. A few seconds later, I realized that I could. It was terrifying.

It also made me feel really old. When you’re young and you fall, it’s fun. When you’re old, it’s an event.

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I was riding my bike home from Safeway a few months ago. I had bags of groceries hanging off each grip on the handlebar. It was raining and it got a bit hard to see (thanks glasses) and my handlebar clipped a mailbox and my wheel spun around flipping me over the handlebars.

The freezer pizzas survived. The bananas did not.

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Painful @Coloma. Hope you feel better soon.

I took a corner too fast on my bike in icy conditions. I fell off and slid for quite a long way on my back. Enough time for the thought to pass through my mind that this would be making my lovely red coat dirty. I then stopped sliding and my head hit the ground. I actually saw stars and I had a proper egg on it. Felt really sorry for myself.

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Years ago, when the ground was frozen and slippery.

I guess the route was not a ‘safe way’, eh?

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Grace is not my middle name.

A year ago, it was climbing down a ladder and missing a step. Landed on my back after twisting an ankle. Thanks to your guidance @Coloma, it is now finally healed.

The year before that, it happened while teetering on the edge of the tub in order to rehang a shower curtain. Lost my balance and fell backwards, whacking my head on the edge of a heavy ceramic trash can.

There are others: slipping on ice while hiking downhill, jumping off of a rock near the Acropolis, tripping on a curb (2x), tripping on a rug edge and on a blanket because I didn’t bother turning on a light.

I can’t decide which is bruised worst; a physical wound or my pride.

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@DoNotKnowMuch That could have been really serious, thank god you didn’t crack your head open, yikes!

@johnpowell Ow! Bicycle spills can really hurt!

@Stinley Oooh, poor thing, I know, I;m feeling sorry for myself too right now, seriously in pain.

@ragingloli Ice is bad.

@Pied_Pfeffer I remember that fall and your ankle. One minute all’s well, the next you’re on the ground. haha

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I was checking on a sow that is getting ready to farrow yesterday.
I thought I heard a little sound and thought maybe she had one
piglet and was indeed in labor. I opened her pen and stepped inside
and bent down to look at her bottom end…she jumped up and attacked
me as i turned to run and i fell down and was bitten 2 times! Luckily I
was more muddy than hurt but was sure sore the next morning. My husband
told me later “I told you she was in a bad mood last week!” I said I didn’t
know her bad mood was going to last a week!

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A couple months ago. A ride didn’t answer her phone. It was was a sixty mile run and I wanted it so I went in, up one flight and knocked. On my way back down my left foot failed to connect and kept going straight, my right heel stayed put. Ass came down on one riser below my right foot. Ow. Right knee still bothering me just a bit. That day I went into Walgreen and bought a knee brace, aleve and blue emu oil.

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I was on my bicycle about a month ago going down a steep hill when my right brake cable failed and to avoid a more serious accident I steered into the bushes to the side of the road and crashed. I picked myself up from the ground and was unhurt though three teenage girls asked if I was all right which was kind of them though a little embarrassing for me.

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Bicycle fall at Stop sign when I hit a patch of sand in the road, that was five years ended up with broken pinkie on right hand.

Hope you get to Gunther’s for “Butter Brickle”, soon @Coloma.

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Awwww, I’m so sorry, kiddo.
I’ve taken more than a few nasty falls in my life, Sone if them just this past year. Bad knees!

I hope you’re all better real fast.

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@MooCows Oooh, that could have been really bad..
I once, foolishly wrapped a lead rope around my arm leading one of the horses while opening a gate. Big no, no, if the horse spooks you get yanked, which I did, but not badly enough to really get hurt. lesson learned. Livestock can be dangerous.

@Jak Ow!

@flutherother I remember skidding out in a gutter once on my bike as a kid and going down hard. Seriously gashed my knee. Glad you’re okay. :-)

@Guess that made you come to a full stop. haha Yes, I need ice cream to lick my wounds with.

@Pachy Thanks, yep, pretty sore right now. What, no tales from the front? You need to share at least one tale from the trenches. haha

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Okay, I’ll give you two:

When I lived in Phoenix years ago, I was standing on the 4th step of a ladder trying to fix a light fixture for a friend. The ladder shifted and I fell backwards and down, hitting a bookcase before I landed on the floor. I lay immobile for a few minutes, convinced I had broken my back. Fortunately, I wound up with only an ugly black-and-blue bruise in the middle of my back.

More recently—this happened in England—I fell and hit my forehead on the stone base of a pillar. Knocked me out for a few seconds and when I came to, blood everywhere. I had split open the skin right under my left eyebrow and had to be rushed to hospital. I returned to the US with a heavily bandaged eye, many stitches (given me by a blustery Welshman whom I could barely understand) and, as I learned a few weeks later, a staph infection dangerously close to my eye that took three doctors and three months to cure.

I don’t even want to talk about the bicycle fall that destroyed my knees. :(

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I genuinely can’t remember, nearly fell over a little kid when out on my run yesterday
The brat saw me coming, stood still then stepped right in my direction, had I not broke my stride & skipped round her there woulda been a ucme/brat shaped heap on the ground

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@Pachy Oh my, those are very good tales from the trences of random, accidental falls. Your poor eye! :-(

@ucme Haha, and maybe a lawsuit from the little girls parents for mowing her down.

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Her mother told her off & apologised as I passed, this satisfied me muchly

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In 2010 I slipped on the ice in the Subway restaurant in winter. I broke three ribs. Took 6 months to heal. If I sued then it would be taken off my disability payments. So I kept it to myself.

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Not sure if it was two or three years ago – I think it was three years ago, Halloween (so was it one and a half years ago or two and a half years ago? Not sure). Anyway, I got out of my car at work in the parking lot and came around the back of it and unbeknownst to me, there was a squished clear plastic Starbucks cup on the ground. I didn’t see it and stepped on it. It was like stepping on ice. My right foot went out (sliding on the cup) and I went down on my left knee and elbow. I was very embarrassed as there were office buildings all around. I got up quickly but I was in pain. I went in to work and went into my office, shut the door and pulled down my pants to look.

The cop at work told me later that the procedure is supposed to be if you fall on the work property, you go to the hospital in an ambulance. I didn’t think that was necessary and I actually didn’t see the cop until that afternoon.

My leg was black and blue and green and yellow for about a month.

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@jca Asphalt wins over dirt, but both are pretty damn hard. Glad you didn’t break anything.

@RedDeerGuy1 Oooh, broken ribs, painful!

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Last fall was back in November. Gets really bad here in Norway. It starts of with snow… Temperature starts to fall below zero, snow melts and then… weather starts to shift gears again, falls below zero and BAAAAM! Perfect recipe for slippery ice. Weather starts to sprinkle some rain to make it more interesting… I fell down and landed on my backside. Ended up with back pain for a week!
Bright side? I started walking/dancing on ice like Michael Jackson! It really helped, no jokes haha!.
To all the jellies in here… Gollums voice – “Nasty, nasty falls”.
@Coloma Hope you feel better soon!

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I’ve taken a couple of good spills off my bicycle. No lasting injuries, no broken bones.

The last time, I was riding alongside a truck in a turn in an ill-advised manner. He cut the corner closer than I anticipated, I hit the curb to avoid being squashed like a bug, and kind of jump-fell into the grass.

My most embarrassing was a fall while riding with a date. On a calm side street, I was looking up at a low-flying airplane and hit a parked car. Impressive riding skills, Romeo!

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I can’t remember falling down except while ice skating and as a young child. That can’t be right that I haven’t since childhood? I do remember about a year ago bending down (back straight, knees bent) and having a lot of trouble getting up. I almost fell and caught myself.

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Thankfully, and touching wood, it was a few years ago. I hope you’re okay @Coloma.

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Some months ago when I was rushing downstairs. The socks I was wearing were slippery and I tripped down, for about 8 steps of the stair. My butt took all the damage throughout the process because I held the handle so tight the rest of my body didn’t fall down. My brother saw it all and I was in my grumpy face for the rest of the day as he joked about my butt being a savior and because I couldn’t sit down. Now I still suspect that my butt bone was crashed at that time.

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The last three times I’ve tripped and fallen were when I was going up stairs. Spaced years apart, but still… who does that three times? On the last one, I hit pretty hard (concrete steps), but I managed to save the entirely full iced coffee I was carrying. Hahaa!

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@Earthbound_Misfit Thank You, My right arm is very tweaked but I’ll pull through. I just took a shower and out on my jammies and I had a hard time bending my arm to get it in the sleeve. haha

@JLeslie I fell roller skating a lot, nothing like cement scraped knees.

@Mimishu1995 and @DrasticDreamer I fell down, well bounced down on my butt and back, a wooden loft ladder once. I had a scrape the length of my spine. It hurt so bad. Terrible falling on stairs going up or down.

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Poor girl! You gettin’ too old for that shite, you know!

I had on some slick soled dress shoes, flats. I’d probably worn them 3 days in a row…just saying, they’re comfortable! I went out the back door of a restaurant in town (same way I came in.) The have a concrete ramp out there. I guess it’s to wheel deliveries into. It’s really super slick…probably from grease and who knows what. It’s slicker than I realized. I stepped on that ramp and went W00P!! As seen on TV. It could have been bad because….it just could have. Like @Coloma‘s could have been. For the same reason. She’s old.

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@Dutchess_III I won’t disagree with that. Pushing 57, you don’t freaking bounce anymore, you just thud like a sack of sand. haha

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@whom it may apply one portmanteau- handrail.

Sometime in April, 1994. I did a side slide while skiing at Mammoth. No handrails were available on the intermediate slopes. :-p No injuries because the snow was packed powder.

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@Coloma I understand :( The butt can hurt a lot and even worse, you risk become the center of jokes like me :(

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“The butt can hurt a lot and even worse….”

That jogged my memory.

The last time I fell was actually about 2 years ago, when a chair I was sitting in suddenly collapsed under me.

I fell about two feet and not only was my butt hurt, but I also felt pain in my lower back.

For the next day or so, I thought I might have exacerbated a disc injury that I incurred in August, 2008.

I’m now sitting in the same type of chair, and I’m sure it’s eventually going to have the same structural failure. I have a sturdier replacement chair that’s been awaiting assembly for about a year.

If I don’t get my rear in gear and put it together, I’ll probably be butt hurt again. ;-o

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@Mimishu1995: When I was in my early 20’s I was going down the steps and I fell backwards onto my butt. It hurt so much. Soooo much. I went to the doctor and he told me I broke my coccyx. There’s nothing you can do for that bone (it’s your tailbone) because it’s buried in your butt. It took about a month for the serious pain to go away. Every time I got up, sat down, rolled over, hurt. Such a sharp pain.

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Last winter I was running to catch a bus and I slipped. The sidewalk cement had an invisible layer of ice that I was not aware of. I fell face/chest first, but luckily I recovered pretty quickly. The only blood was on my chin. It looked like someone gave me an uppercut for the next week.

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@dxs Ow…ice/road burn on chin. :-(

Arm still killing me this morning, did some research and think I strained/tore my Deltoid muscle that controls you lifting your arm straight out and up and up from your side. Yep, exact symptoms, hurts to raise it and move it backwards like when putting on a jacket. so, just trying to use it as little as possible but I have so much to do the next 10 days or so. Super sucks!

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^^^Well, be glad you’re not a boy.

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@Dutchess_III What do you mean?

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girls masturbate, too

Coloma's avatar

Ahhhhh… that what you meant? lol

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I’m a very clumsy person, so I find myself tripping up a lot. The last time I fell badly was a couple of weeks ago when I was running and tripped in a ditch in the dirt which caused me to fall. The bad thing was that I didn’t fall onto my lrgs or arms, I fell onto my chest and neck which caused me to be winded and I hurt my neck.
I have scars from falling over, it’s annoying being clumsy. I remember when I was 4 and it was my first day of school I fell down the concrete stairs, what a great first day!
So, yeah. I fall over a lot.

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^^^ That’s what my husband used to call high speed wrecks in motorcycle racing…“Falling over.”

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About four years ago, my daughter’s school had “skate night” at the local roller rink. Now I had learned to skate about 50 years earlier, when I was 12 or 13, and I still like to get out there once in awhile.

There we were, ages 6.5 to 65+, all out on the oval, skating away; I’d built up a little speed, approaching the curve,then it happened! A cute little girl, about 8, suddenly darted across my path. I swerved, successfully avoiding the collision; but I lost my footing. Next thing I knew, the mass of my body stopped, my feet kept going. A perfect 4-point landing—two elbows,tailbone and head on the concrete floor of the rink!

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@Yetanotheruser Ow! Were you injured?

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Not badly, just bruised and I had a headache for awhile. It was the hardest fall I’d taken in about 50 years, even harder than when I fell was thrown from the saddle of a Morgan in the seventies.

While I was catching may breath, the little girl came to me and said, “Mister, I’m sorry I made you fall down!”
So with her mom’s permission, I took her for a few laps around the rink.

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Ga. That’s what we did, too, as kids. Cut each other off. It was like bumper cars. I remember a couple of times a few kids piling up in a wreck in front when I didn’t have time to stop. No problem then. I just jumped over them.
Not today, fellas.

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Well…seriously biffed it today on some wet leaves and slick ground in the rain. Just walking, doing nothing but putting one foot in front of the other and you know the drill. Kaboom! Down flat on my back.

That’s not all, I also threw my entire, giant, mug of coffee all over myself. It sucked. Covered in wet leaves stuck all over my body, mud and coffee.
Yep, multiple injuries but nothing that’s sending me to the ER. I guess I should be grateful I only feel like a Rhino mowed me down. lol

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@Coloma hope you feel better soon

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@Stinley Thanks, a little better today but still really sore. I am avoiding wet leaves like the plague now. haha

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Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I was worried about how you would feel the day after.

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It’s always worse the morning after.

Dutchess_III's avatar

So how are you now @Coloma?

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@Coloma so what do you learn? Refrain the excitement and impulse of your youth as you are no longer young ~

Just kidding. Being old sucks right :(

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Being old sure beats the alternative.

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Haha…you guys. I am better but now, thanks. It was a good trip. Bah Humbug, @Mimishu1995 Just wait you spry young thing! lol

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I was watching 6 of the grandkids. We were outside. One kid, who is almost 4, came barreling past me on a bike with training wheels. She accidentally kind of crashed into the side of me and I almost fell down! As she was speeding away she yells over her shoulder, “I’m OK!”

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