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What careers are one barred from if you have poor penmanship and average spelling?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17697points) May 22nd, 2016

Can one go into psychology any field (including research and experimental ) with average spelling and poor penmanship?

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Well computers do take a lot of the heat off that with spellcheck and the typing thing and all. And goodness knows, doctors don’t need good penmanship. However, I would think they are still important, especially the spelling thing.

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Pretty much none. Most professional writing is done on computers these days.

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I;d think being an English teacher would be one.

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Proof Reader i guess.

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Well you can definitely still become a primary care physician.

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That’s a good question. From what I gather, technology can more or less remedy both. Plenty of professionals are notorious for bad handwriting and atrocious spelling. Ask your pharmacist. My guess is that the problems in attaining a profession would occur early in the educational process where sloppy handwriting and bad spelling can quickly shunt you from any white collar track expectations regardless of any talent you might exhibit.

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The use of computers has pretty much eliminated the need for good penmanship and spelling.

I wonder if poor spelling is indicative of other deficiencies. I am guessing probably not. There are several famous people who were known to have atrocious spelling. Here is Mark Twain’s view and that of Thomas Jefferson on the subject.

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Very true about the penmanship. Seems like printing is all that taught and once you get down the basics of each letters shape it doesn’t seem to matter how much care and effort you put into them.

Are they even teaching cursive writing in school anymore? I know my grandson and granddaughter are not learning it and they are just finishing 4th grade in two separate school districts. Both kids have expressed interest in learning how grandma and grandpa write but although we have shown them, to date they have been shown nothing in school.

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