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Is it bad that I just swallowed my gum?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) July 29th, 2008

albeit an accident, what harm could come from it….?

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i’ve swollowed a million pieces of gum and nothing bad has ever happened to me.

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People will call you bubble butt.

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OK Stay calm. Don’t panic. I’ve called the hospital and they’re sending an emergency gum removal agent over. Above all else though, stay calm, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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it stays in your tummy for 3 years :) mmmmmmmm

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oh my high school music teacher said seven. that was right before she threatened to send me to the principal’s office for going to the restroom without her permission.

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Swallowing gum isn’t harmful, and it does not take 7 years to digest gum like the old wives tale says. Gum is indegestible by definition meaning it can’t be broken down into smaller parts, but that doesn’t mean it’ll stay in your stomach for a long time. It exits your body in the same amount of time as anything else :D

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thanks trendbreaker! maybe i should have phrased my comment differently. i didn’t mean to suggest that i believed her (or that anyone else should). she was a biatch in the worst way. oh, and the punishment was also for chewing gum, of course. (i was a real rebel ;-) )

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Everyone says it is bad for you, it stays in your stomach for years, etc etc. All myths. Gum isn’t truly harmful…except for something called phenylephrine I think…maybe its called something else but its a sugar substitute.

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ever known anyone or heard of someone becoming ill from swallowing gum? I think not.

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