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I have a 6 year old Black Lab female I want her to have puppies is the age safe?

Asked by gog1996 (2points) July 29th, 2008 from iPhone
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yes, easily.
Most dogs are fertile at 2, but this can put a lot of strain on them. Your dog is more than mature enough, take her to a stud breeder and he’ll check her to see if she’s god for breeding.
you also need to get hip and eye scores done to make sure she’s not going to throw (give birth to) any disabled pups.

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Why do you want her to have puppies? Before you breed your pet, I would head down to your local animal shelter and ask to see the dogs which aren’t up for adoption. Chances are you’ll see several litters of puppies that someone bred from their beloved aging pet, picked the best one and couldn’t find homes for the others. If you want a dog that’s just like yours, breeding her isn’t going to accomplish that. Unless you have guaranteed homes for all the puppies, I’d say let your dog be.

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@poser, well obviously the person must have their reasons for breeding, but you are right in that if they are planning on selling the pups, ideally you should be finding out if there is a market for them.
Labs are extremely popular dogs though working or not, advertise and see if you get some interest.

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Before breeding her, make sure her AKC registry is correct, she is OFA certified, and has been tested for Brucillosis. Make sure that you have the emergency finances to pay for a c-section if it becomes necessary due to her somewhat advanced age. You should also budget for the puppies’ first visit to the vet for a health check, deworming and vaccination. (Additional sites for breeding information here: (

Consider carefully what your reasons are for breeding her before you do so. Intentional breeding should be an effort to improve the breed – if you just want to have some puppies around, plan to make some money, whatever – that’s not an adequate reason. Please be a responsible pet owner.

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I second syz.

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