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Hey, hey! Are you ready for the Monkee's new "Good Times" album?

Asked by ibstubro (18770points) May 23rd, 2016

New Monkees Album, ‘Good Times’ Reportedly Arriving in June

I heard one track on an NPR report and I was uninspired.
I have to wonder about 70yo vocal chords taking on new music, sorry.

But hey, hey! No worries. If they’re having fun and people enjoy the new music, I’m all for it!

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I heard one track that
makes me want to
hear the rest.

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Where’d you hear the track, @babaji? Was it on NPR?

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KFOG radio
they were talking about it.

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Define “ready.”

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Well, have you had your Geritol, @SecondHandStoke?

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Who should fill the Davey Jones role?

I know! Top Gear’s Richard Hammond

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I forgot Davy was even dead, @SecondHandStoke. It wasn’t mentioned in the report I heard.

To help bring the anniversary full circle, The Monkees completed songs for GOOD TIMES! that were originally recorded and written for the group during the 60s, including “Love To Love” by Neil Diamond, which features a vintage vocal by Jones.

I loved the Monkees in their day, and I still get a kick out of the old shows and like the old music. I’m great with a revival, I have no desire to participate in a quasi-resurrection. They were a bunch of goofy boys that sangs some catchy pop tunes, for me.

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^ I guess the Geritol helped me remember.

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Good man.
It just goes to show the group’s real imprint on history when the lead is not “Band Launches 50th Anniversary Tour Sans Lead Singer”.

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