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Has anyone used Ladybutton

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19396points) May 23rd, 2016

Mrs Squeeky really wants to know if this company is ok to do business with ,they don’t seem to take paypal and that kind of brings up red flags with me.
So please Mrs Squeeky really wants to know, they have some fabric she needs for a project and would like to get going on it.

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@SQUEEKY2: They do take PayPal. I just read it under “Ordering Information.”

They also take credit cards.

I see they have Alexander Henry fabrics. They look like a good site to me.

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Really I couldn’t find the pay pal thing, guess I will tell Mrs Squeeky to go back and look again, just wondering maybe they don’t take Canadian paypal?
Maybe that is why we didn’t see it but if it is a good site and she still wants to use it then visa will have to do,
Thanks @jca

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I don’t know. This is where I read it:

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I want to see what she is doing! I’m floundering with a cloth project of my own.

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