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Do you believe every public official that makes a 'less-than-brilliant' statement summarily should resign?

Asked by ibstubro (18730points) May 24th, 2016

Specifically I refer to Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald’s statement:
“When you go to Disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? Or what’s important? What’s important is, what’s your satisfaction with the experience?”
and subsequent Republican calls for him to resign.

If we can hold the politicians to the “That sounded dumb so I quit” standard, I’m all for McDonald resigning.
The Trump presidency should last less than 50 words.

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There would be no one in office.

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I’d have trouble remembering how many “less-than-brilliant” statements I make during any given day!

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While that was a particularly stupid statement I understand the frustration.

At least in the US there in no voting restrictions in place regarding the political sophistication, or indeed the IQ of voters (outside of official medical classifications of some).

Those in office (and those that are vying to be) want to appeal the broadest spectrum of individuals possible. This includes the entire gamut of high functioning people, that also understand the true ramifications of a politician’s proposal to the literal idiots, and probably the worst: the individuals that will sell their soul for seeming free income.

So god knows what one might utter in hopes of making would be supporters (of all kinds) understand.

Romney’s 47% debacle is a good example of the same effect in reverse:

It likely was what did his hopes in. Sadly no one seems to care that his statement was accurate.

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It’s baffling that In view of the current Presidential contest, Republicans are stating that a mere stupid remark should be grounds for disqualification.

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If that were the case, every public official would have to resign. Do that being the case, yes. They should resign.

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No. People are only human and prone to make mistakes. The ones who try to get them fired or to step down should be fired or asked to step down and have THEIR backgrounds checked for verbal boners.

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@chyna Beat me to it. Why stop at politicians….every day folks including Jellies and obviously me are just as apt to say dumb stuff on an hourly basis….what do you suggest we do with thems??

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It costs lots of money to hold an election. Who pays for that? The taxpayers. My answer is no.

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I hadn’t heard about this story. It’s blown way out of proportion in my opinion. He made an analogy people didn’t like. Big deal. It’s ridiculous. I get what he was trying to say, I get why some people were upset about it. Do you know how long I typically wait to see my GYN? Not only in the waiting room, but also for an appointment? Typically 2 hours for the former and 2 months for the latter.

Every story that comes out about the VA is negative, but believe it or not, there are also positive stories not being told. Should our veterans have more consistent better care? Sure. Some stories are just awful, the problems need to be fixed. But, not everything is terrible.

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If that standard held, the Rep from Georgia 4 would have a problem

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Wasn’t making stupid statements the launchpad for Rand Paul’s Presidential bid? What about Ben Carson storing grain in the Pyramids?

I’m sure Ted Cruz could make a Biblical analogy to the VA wait in the sonorous tones of Evangelical Christianity that would have Republicans blessing the other “Magical Kingdom”.

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The Vet Sec has a good point, although in this world, the Republicans will assassinate anyone they can.

And to answer your question: No. If every stupid statement were a cause to resign, we would have no politicians, no CEOs, and practically no managers.

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The more I think about this, the more correct the Vet Sec is.

I had to go to the doctor’s office the other day for a particular problem (not a routine appointment). Yes, I had to wait an hour and my cell battery ran out – [I had to read a book.

But when I did see the doctor, he diagnosed, treated and basically got the job done. Basically, the quality of care was worth the wait. Would I have liked to be seen quicker? Of course. But it was the result that counted.

This right wing criticism is a complete crock.

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No, but when the stupids keep coming and add up to a dumb person who doesn’t satisfy my bar for someone who understands their job, I’d like to see them impeached for incompetence. I don’t think Reagan, Quayle, G.W. Bush, Palin, or Carson satisfied my personal intelligence/comprehension/competence requirements, based on their presence, words, and expressions.

I’d much rather have rules that would disqualify officials for supporting the interests of corporations over people, however, rather like existing laws for treason. It’d be nice to eject everyone who supports the TPP, for example.

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