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Are death certificates public record in Texas?

Asked by MooCows (3190points) May 25th, 2016

I heard that my sister-in-law died just recently
but wanted to confirm with a DC. Can I pull them
up on the web?

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According to this site for 25 years after death access is restricted to immediate family members only.

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You could look through recent obituaries in newspapers from her town.

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If she took her own life would an obituary be printed..
How could I find this out? I just cannot let go of this.

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Yes it would if the family chose to put it in the paper. They don’t have to put the cause of death in the obituary.

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Remember that newspapers do not print obituaries for everyone who dies.

Search Texas death records may be tricky, depending on the timing. Friends of the decedent have to get various papers signed before filing with the county, including the doctor who pronounced the person dead. Getting those signatures may be quick, or .. not.

If there is autopsy, the whole process will not take place until it is concluded. If it’s a criminal case, it may take longer.

Then the paperwork goes to the state, and gets into their process of data entry.

So…. if the death was recent, the records may not have been entered yet.

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What about this site? You might need some more information

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Funny…all I did was call the Dallas Coroner’s office and
she told me everything I wanted to know. Strange but true.

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