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Has anyone had Cryotherapy on a mole?

Asked by tan253 (2826points) May 26th, 2016

Hi All,
I just had a keratosis burnt off yesterday.
I expected that the Dr would put the liquid nitrogen on my mole only but he used a cotton bud it went on my skin as well and now I have a burn around the mole as well – is this normal?
Anyone else had it done, he didn’t really tell me what to expect.
The mole is still there – it looks whitish but it’s not falling off.
What happened to your mole and did your skin burn as well?
I don’t think I’ll get another one burnt off – I will just deal with the annoyance of them I think!

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My daughter had a wart frozen off by a doctor. It took 2 weeks for the dead wart-skin to fall off. She had to take care of the skin around it the whole time.

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Thanks guys, apparently the Dr was suppose to give me an after care form and he forgot so I’m going in to get one – I didn’t realise it takes 2 weeks! Gosh that’s a lot of time for an anxiety sufferer!

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I had one cut from my finger when I was really young (probably 1990, if I had to guess a year). I can still see the scar, but I know what I’m looking for. It was a raised bump for a long time, and I used it to rest my pencil on when I was writing (I’m sure the callous from the pen didn’t help. I wrote a lot as a kid).

Two weeks for healing is nothing in the grand scheme of things. You’ve got this.

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Don’t worry about it. I’ve burned them off on myself. I especially like dumping the liquid nitrogen on the floor.

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