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Is Zelda for DS better then the Wind Waker?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) July 29th, 2008
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It really depends on what you’re looking for… They both have the same artistic style (which I prefer) and they have contiguous plots, but there are subtle differences. Obviously one is portable and the other is not, but Phantom Hpurglass is only controllable via a stylus- no analog controls. Phantom Hourglass is shorter too, and somewhat easier in scope.

Not to take anything away from Phantom Hourglass- it is an incredible game with a very good story! And the way the stylus controls were implemented, you really won’t miss anything from a “normal” game. The ship control is much easier now with a stylus, and with auto navigation you get to focus on battle and collection of treasures while you sail. Plus, in PH you get to modify your ship to your own liking, whereas in Windwaker you had the same old ship.

Phantom Hourglass has a limited wi-fi game too, which is fun. Windwaker doesn’t have this.

All in all, I would say that I prefer the accessibility of Phantom Hourglass- almost anyone can pick it up and enjoy…and it isn’t a game that takes forever to figure out. If I had my choice I would pick PH because I like to bring things with me. But if you are looking to have a great game with great scenery, music, challenge, strategy, and humor you may like Windwaker. Some of the animated cut scenes in WW are worth it alone. You really can’t go wrong! Enjoy either way- Zelda will hardly ever disappoint.

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yeah bwg76 got everything said that needed to be said and out of the two games (ww and ph) i liked ww better due to the cut scenes mostly. both games have humorous ones but ww had more character build up. i think my favorite is the one where he is going to his (i think) second ever boss fight and he had been chucked around by the previous boss fight so he is super cautious and still gets surprised by the door slamming shut! lol it was so great because in other zelda games link just waltz in like he isnt about to fight some giant monster but in ww its just a kid and hes just learning this whole hero business so hes still jumpy and he still makes mistakes which give him more personality i think. sadly ph didnt have any funny boss scenes that i can think of and since it is the sequel no major character build up. but it did have a funny one with tetra linebeck and link when they get her back( all im going to say dont want to ruin it!) but if you remember it that one made me laugh out loud literally! it was so funny because link is completely oblivious!

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i just thought of this, phantom hourglass is portable and shorter (my opinion easier too!) but if you want the full story (and not just niko’s paper cut out version, lol) then you should really play wind waker first and then phantom hourglass. because like i said before phantom hourglass is the sequel to wind waker. but if you think about it its more like it started with ocarina of time, majora’s mask, wind waker, phantom hourglass, then spirit tracks. is how the timeline goes. but its only the same link in oot and mm. and ww and ph. but really you can play just one and still have fun. im just a major zelda fan (link to the past snes was my first, sadly didnt beat it due to the fact i was like 8 ( it helped me learn to read!)) so i like to play them all!

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