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Is a hip flexor strain the same thing as a groin pull?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9701points) May 27th, 2016

As asked.

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To the best of my knowledge, not exactly. When you have a groin pull/groin strain/pulled groin, you have likely injured one of your hip flexors (the adductors on the inside of your leg), but “hip flexor strain” is a bit more general and in my experience is used more to describe an injury to the outside of the hip. You can injure one of the hip flexors on the outside of your hip and that wouldn’t usually be considered a pulled groin. I get iliopsoas tendinitis from a postural imbalance and no one has ever called it a groin injury, so I would say they are not the same.

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No. A hip flexor strain will generally be of the iliopsoas. A groin strain is of the hip adductors (brevis, longus, or magnus).

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Thank you both for explaining. I will now look up “iliopsoas”!

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