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Jellies, what are your plans this weekend?

Asked by jca (36043points) May 28th, 2016

Jellies, what are your plans this weekend?

I know it’s a bank holiday in the UK, and here in the US it’s Memorial Day weekend, a 3 day weekend. In the US, it’s the traditional start of the summer season, beaches and pools open and lifeguards usually start.

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Keep on with my story.

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Today I am playing a video game for 12 hours as a charity event. I’m livestreaming it on Twitch starting at 10 EDT if you wanna check it out.

No big plans for the rest of the weekend except to do practice problems for my upcoming interviews.

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Yard work.

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Lay in bed all day looking out at the lake. Launch the boat sometime today then cook seafood on the grill.

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Cutting firewood and seeing the new X-Men movie.

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Trying out this whole “suicide” thing.

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Painting my new little digs and had a couple friends over helping me yesterday. Super tired, going out now for cat food and then more taping and prep work for more painting. I might take the rest of today off I am wiped out. haha

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I’m in France!

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How bad is the smell?

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I plan on flying my helicopter over France dropping deodarant bombs as I go, avoid Roland Garros though, I do enjoy a spot of tennis

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Fluthering all weekend. Listening to radio. Maybe doing homework, and listening to lecture online.

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Friday: Work, 9 hours
Saturday: Work, 9 hours
Sunday: Work, 9 hours
Monday: Work, 9 hours

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@ragingloli @ucme Hmm very funny. To be fair there was a dead mouse in the garage which was a little off…

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I’m being somewhat lazy besides doing yard work, but I’m curious if anyone here honors the holiday for its true meaning?

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@dammitjanetfromvegas what is its meaning for you? In the U.K. it’s called Whitsun and celebrates the Pentecost but has some pagan roots in the Beltane festival

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@Stinley, do they still have the Whit Walks?

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@Coloma: You got a new place? Do tell! House, apartment? Are you still going to be friends with the people you live with now?

@dxs: That sucks. What do you do for a living?

@Stinley: Are you in Paris? Someone I work with was just there and he said by the Eiffel Tower, it’s full of pickpockets. The police won’t do anything unless they actually see it happen. He said that people will also go up to you and put something on your wrist (souvenir) and then demand money for it. While you are arguing with them, others will surround you and steal your stuff (pickpockets). It didn’t sound too appealing of a place.

@dammitjanetfromvegas: There’s a parade here tomorrow but I’m not going. It’s at 9 a.m. or you have to meet at 9 a.m. (maybe that’s the Girl Scouts’ plan) and for me, to do that on a day when I’m off and could have a leisurely morning, that’s not likely to occur.

It’s been very hot here in southern NY for this time of year (low 90’s). Yesterday I went shopping and then to the movies in the evening (10 dollars for two hours of “free” air conditioning haha). Today we’re going to some friends’ for daughter’s birthday which is Tuesday. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy so we’re probably going to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie in IMAX 3D.

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@jca yes, still friends, but moving to a new property about a mile away, very nice property and I am in process of refurbishing ( painting, etc. ) a 30 ft. RV that I will be living in temporarily while waiting on the pool house apt. to become available. I am having fun re-doing this RV, painting it white and turquoise and re-vamping all sorts of things. the setting is beautiful, but hopefully the apt. will become available in the next 6 months or so. After all my hard work and decorating efforts I want to enjoy the RV for a little while anyway, it’s going to be really cute.

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Something has gone horribly wrong with my sister’s Apple TV 4s since they can’t see my Plex server. This is the only source of TV they have so I need to sort this out ASAP. Difficultly: Double NAT, VPN, and 120 miles away on the phone with a 15 year old.

I spent a few hours on this yesterday with no luck. But I think I have a idea. I just need Abby to wake up.

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I met a Jelly for breakfast in the neighboring town. Spontaneous, due to posts on FB and here about an ice cream place and coincidentally, he just went there last night. A Jelly that lives across the country being 10 minutes away was an opportunity to be taken.

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@jca not Paris. In the countryside in the Vendée. The only excitement has been the farmer’s son driving past on his dirt bike pining for my 15 year old daughter…
Oh and the storms and flooding. At least the fuel blockade is over!

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We ate in Maine by the water for a couple days. Had some nice lobstah today. Gonna rain tommorow — probably check out some some shops.

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@jca Nothing. I’m still dependent on my student account. But the money I earn isn’t “extra spending money,” as everyone I talk to seems to think. It supplements my provisions. I work fast food. I’ll be teaching/TAing 30 hours a week in the near future, though.

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