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How can I get a cat to stop chewing on wires and such?

Asked by jegonza89 (38points) July 29th, 2008 from iPhone

I have a 4 month old kitten that’s adorable, loving, playful, rotten, spoiled, and bad as hell. She bites on everything including wires books shoes and anything she can.

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Let her get a little shock and she’ll never do it again.

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when I had kittens, I bought cheapo gates to keep them out of places where there were wires. You could use boxes that have been broken down though, rather than spend the money. Also, they make sprays that keep cats away from certain spots… you can get them at any Petsmart/Petco.

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“There are two products designed for just this purpose: Chewsafe™ Cord Protectors and Crittercord™. Both have a three-pronged protection approach: citrus scent, bitter taste, and the heavy gauge tubing itself.

The tubing is pre-slit to make installation easy. It is also clear, so it is virtually invisible and will blend in with your decor. (Although the cords themselves aren’t invisible, so I’m not sure why this is a selling point.) The citrus scent and bitter taste is infused directly into the product, so it doesn’t wear off.”

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I second Marina. @simone Sure, then you might possibly have no kitty, so nothing to worry about.

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get it a shock collar

twice the electricity

twice the fun


(its a cat sound)

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move the wires?

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You shouldn’t have to change your life style for any cat. A dog, maybe… but not a cat.

Beat it merciliously to establish you’re in charge. Over time, the cat will learn English and know exactly what you want while you’re screaming at it in frustration.

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I don’t see how animal torture is funny. I’ll be putting your names in my “those most likely to be future serial killers” book.

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Pish. Old joke is old, plus if I was going to kill anybody I would have done it by now.

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I had the same problem. I could never get mine to stop chewing on paper. Like pictures. He always had pictures. I do not know how to fix it though.

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When I was young, one of our cats bit through a lamp cord and lost a tooth. The burn abcessed, and she was a very sick kitty for a while. We sprayed our cords religiously after.

(the cat got better, but her unofficial name between us boys was “Fangul” until Mom heard us saying it)

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