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What was the scariest urban legend you were told back as a kid, that kept you terrified or away from something?

Asked by Joell (500points) May 29th, 2016

Because there are people from all around in here, and urban legends derive heavily from the regions they come, I’m expecting some interesting and spooky answers.
Mine has to be the Bloody Mary, and some cooked up ones from my mom’s epic attempts to put us to sleep.

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Pfft. I was the kid who volunteered to chase Pop Rocks with soda.

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In Catholic School they purportedly had a “Spanking Machine” that trouble makers would be hauled off to. I witnessed many a kid get dragged out of class by the ear and an hour later they would come back with their face and shirt covered in tears….they would sit shaking in their seat and never utter a word over what they just went through. Had me terrified of the prospect of those consequences.

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Halloween candy was scary, but not that great of a concern because it was so stupid. We were taught not to eat anything that came in/from an open package, anyway. They were just beginning the X-ray thing at hospitals when I passed the age of trick-or-treating.

I’m not sure when I heard the flashing headlights myth, but I at least wondered about it for a while.

I don’t think they were Urban Myths, but my mom told us that things she was unsure of us eating – like mulberries and raw hamburger – would give us worms.
The rest of the stuff was poisonous. I grew up believing that rhubarb (not) and poke berries (are) were equally deadly if eaten.

Nobody died. lol

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Maturbating will make me go blind.

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When I was about twelve, the ZodiacKiller was loose in the area I lived in. There was another serial killer around then too.

So when I heard the campfire tale of ” the hook” and that it took place on Sawyer Camp Road in San Mateo CA, just about half a mile away from me, I would not go up there after about four in the afternoon so that I wouldn’t be stuck after dark.

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There was one about someone small hiding in your car after you parked it in a multi-storey car park. He had an axe. I thought it was completely rubbish.

I heard the hook one too. I’m not easily scared but that one did send a shiver.

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People putting razor blades in apples at Halloween.

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You come home from hard day of work at glorious Soviet tractor factory.

Enter lounge and drink vodka. Cat sit on top of kitchen table, stare at you. “Stupid cat.” you say, “You look just like comrade Stalin fat ugly wife!”.

Early next morning, KGB kick down front door and take you to Siberian gulag for outrageous slur against Comrade Stalin beautiful wife.

In glorious Soviet motherland, even cat can be trained to report owner for spread discontent and tell lie about senior party members.

Cat receive Order Of Lenin medal and senior position in KGB; you receive 30 year hard labour sentence at Soviet re-education camp.

Life is just and fair under our beloved leader Stalin.

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If you ever used sarcasm in the company of pigeons your left nipple would fall off

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Apologies for being a bad host. Been occupied due to exams, one gory urban legend says they fail you if you didn’t work your insides out, so yeah.

@Seek Lol you could be one legend yourself like: there comes the kid chasing poprocks, and she’s got soda omg :)

@Cruiser Ahahahahahahah seriously

@ibstubro Mums I tell you, mine was a pro at that

@Kropotkin And the pimples, and the hairy palms, and the ruined marriages, damn masturbating was one skeptical event

@zenvelo Them killas stories, remember hearing a killer in a hoodie on the loose around mine

@Stinley Lol ahahaha

@filmfann Lol that was really new to me o0

@ragingloli Regions I told ya, but that’s harsh, yeah, I mean really. (offers a soda)

@ucme Ouch!!

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There was a story that a car containing clowns was driving about our district trying to kidnap children. No one knew anything about the clowns which made it even more terrifying.

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