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Does the US stand a better chance of surviving former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson as President than the Presidencies of either Trump or Clinton?

Asked by ibstubro (18770points) May 29th, 2016

As the Libertarian candidate, Johnson will be on the ballot in a minimum of 32 states.

I think the temptation to vote “No!” [Clinton/Trump] will be great enough that Johnson may make a decent showing.

Remember, Donald Trump was dismissed as a joke. Then laughed at as a wannabe. Then the nominee.

I can’t honestly say that the idea of a Johnson presidency is any stranger to me than the thought that I would
a.) vote for Clinton or
b.) have Trump as President
was to me a few months ago.

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The United States will survive.

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Johnson would not get support from the congress. His nickname was “Veto Johnson”.

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I heard Johnson on the radio today, and I must say, verbally, he’s as compelling a candidate as Pat Paulson.

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Wasn’t Paulsen’s campaign slogan, “We can’t stand Pat”?

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No. Johnson isn’t stupid, but he is a one trick pony. He doesn’t know shit about just about anything other than his economic views.

I heard the radio interview as well, and I thought to myself “cross this one out”.

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But, @elbanditoroso, haven’t we now crossed all the candidates out?

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@ibstubro – basically it comes to “who is least bad”

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I have to keep my eye on the prize of the Supreme Court nominee[s].

Netflix has got to love this political season. i don’t know how a sane person could stand to have a TV tuned into broadcast television for more than minutes a day.

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That happened at the Libertarian convention today. It could be considered NSFW.

And I am not exactly sure about the Survive hyperbole. We made it through the second Bush. And remember the first Clinton Presidency? That is the one when I exited high school and getting a job was pretty fucking easy. Stock market was booming and everything was pretty damn good. But OMFG blowjob, THE HORROR.

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