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The best way to clean a laptop LCD screen?

Asked by rockvj (59points) July 20th, 2007

I currently own a Dell Inspiron 9300 with a WUXGA 1920x1200 17" LCD screen. Over time it has got finger marks and small circular someone sneezed on the screen, then didn't clean it. ( I think I may have!) What is the best way to clean the screen back to it's original state?


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I use the cleaner and cloth for my glasses! Does the trick and it's sold anywhere.

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I use disposable lens wipes that are commercially available to clean eyeglasses. They're pre-moistened towelettes designed specifically to clean without scratching. So far, they've worked well for my LCD screens and PC monitors.

- Lens Wipes Search results on Google Product Search (formerly Froogle).
- Lens Wipes search results on NexTag

If your screen is particularly dusty, it might help to use some compressed air to blow the dust off of the screen before wiping, since the dust particles may inadvertently scratch the surface of your screen as you're wiping them off.

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I've used rubbing alcohol to good use.

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Windex works great for me!

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I use the lends cleaner spray for antiglare lenses.

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plain water

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alchol it drys faster so less dangerof damages from fluids leaking into areas you don't want it in

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I use iKlear which is made specifically for this purpose

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