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Can we do things within "our" fluthers?

Asked by susanc (16139points) July 29th, 2008

it’s more than a way to find out who likes us, right? did I miss something?

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It helps you follow what questions the people in your Fluther are posing. It also is a quick way to access their page if you want to comment to them.

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@admins, maybe it would be nice if we could broadcast PMs to our fluthers. That would allow for info that normally isn’t allowed in a question (anybody want to buy a 99 accord?), given that people in each others fluthers are generally more receptive to each other and wouldn’t mind the extra info. I don’t know… just a half baked thought.

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There may be cool applications for your fluthers in the future, as well.

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Flags of Our Fluthers?

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Actually, I’d like to follow the answers of the people I like rather than (or as well as) the questions, especially if they’ve been lurved.
I find the answers much more interesting than the question people ask.
for example, I love gailcalled’s answers but I am less interested in other people’s responses to Milo.

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