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Guess whom I saw today (and who is still adorable)?

Asked by gailcalled (54644points) July 29th, 2008

Or even more adorable than at last sighting. (And has two equally adorable brothers). And guess what I wore.

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a) Ben
b) a Fluther t-shirt?

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Beat me to the punch! That Ben certainly is adorable!

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Hopefully, he was without the Poo hat!

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@gail…I wish you were my aunt! That’d be aweso…, er, fabulous!

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Blushing It was great to see you and Milo too, Gail. Till we meet again.

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NO Poo hat but he was with 1) his mother 2) both his grandmothers and 3) all three of his aunts. Maybe he was saving it for later.

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Poor boy, that’s a lot of estrog-

I just realized that menopause negates my statement.
Continue with your business, people. Nothing to see here.

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@Del; the teams were balanced. My bro-in-law, my niece’s husband, Ben’s two brothers and two boy toddlers vs. one little girl. (Had the guys been alone, I am sure they would have insisted on seeing B in his Poo hat, had he flown it across the continent and not had it confiscated. (Forgot to mention Ben’s sister was also on board. She would probably have voted for hat.)

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Kev gets first prize (rim shot); one week with Milo

PnT & Shi tied for second prize.: two weeks with Milo.

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Nice try, Gail!

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Ach. You mean that I have to uncrate him and cancel Fed-Ex?

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Poor much maligned kitty!

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@Jan; I am his toady. He is very insulted by “kitty” and requests “His Royal Potentate,” as title of choice, or “Holy Roamin’ Emperor.”

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Poor much maligned gail!

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@ Milo

“Oh lovely Pussy, O Pussy my love,
Whata beautiful pussy you are, you are -
What a beautiful pussy you are!”

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I think that we are all….oops, just heard the buzzer ring for room service. Gotta run.

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