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Who saw Trump's unbelievably contentious press conference this morning?

Asked by Pachy (18597points) May 31st, 2016 from iPhone

If The Donald thinks he can handle the presidency, let alone leadership of the free world, in the insulting, defensive and combative style he displayed today, boy, are we in trouble if he’s elected.

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That was bonkers… I’m not really sure how to respond. If anyone thinks this guy can be president you are fucking insane. I know 7 year olds that have a better temperament.

I remember when we did the shock and awe thing in Iraq and I felt so bad for the people on the receiving end. Part of me thinks I will know what they felt on the receiving end with a President Trump.

Yeah, that can sound like hyperbole. President Trump tweets shit about Xi Jinping and then we all get fucked.

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Do you think the performance will increase or decrease his fan club?

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Didn’t see it but i saw the film “Weiner” yesterday. It’s funny initially but ultimately a fascinating study of political hubris and egoism.

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“in the insulting, defensive and combative style..”
William B Johnson was just as combative. He just chose to hide it from the public. I suspect other presidents were also combative. I hope it works to our advantage in that he’ll be less likely to be a sissy and ignore major issues as they unfold. The last thing we need is a laid back coward.

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Correction: Lyndon Johnson .
“Lyndon Baines Johnson was a man of many contradictions. Personally rude, overbearing and at times politically unscrupulous, he was nevertheless capable of immense personal charm, particularly when he was lobbying and brokering backstage in the Washington corridors of power.”
My father was at his radio station and said Johnson was browbeating and ordering people around.

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