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Who's using Cuil?

Asked by trendbreakr (42points) July 29th, 2008

There’s been a lot of talk about it recently and was wondering if anyone’s using it frequently.

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I was checking it out the other day, I think it still has some work to do on it. I tried searching for one of the games I play, Eve Online. Well I typed in “eve onilne” and it didnt come up with the main website. Then i just typed in Eve and it came up. So eh, i’m sticking with google for now.

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I tried it, it’s really awkward, and not the good sort of awkward. Visually it’s pleasing, but I found that it doesn’t index pages with the same sort of ranking like google. Some keywords don’t match up. Then again, this is supposed to surpass google so I can’t exactly expect it to work the same. But it reminds me of a combination of the mac OS and the newsvine blog/news system. A strange combination indeed.

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I don’t like the layout and it dosent give me very good search results. Google has me and it’s gonna take something better than just hype to switch me over.

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I gave it a try… It’s hard to get away from the traditional, simple list, layout of google and other search engines though. It’s interesting… I will try it more though. See how it develops.

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My mother sent me a text message about this. I had no clue what Cuil was, and I was hoping it would come up again so I would remember to check it out. It’s around a day old or so (to me), and doesn’t have the lineage of a place like Google… so, who knows? Ask again in a year or so.

Vote Quimby.

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One thing I can’t stand about it is the name… “Cui” Pronounced “Cool” ? What’s that about. That turns me off right there.

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I think it’s great if you want obscure, irrelevant results.

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Wow, I’m impressed: I just repeated a few of my recent Google searches using Cuil; it returned more relevant results than Google on 2 of them, and worse results than Google on 2 others. It’s been so long since anything even came close to Google, I wasn’t expecting that.

Well, I’m pretty used to Google as my home page, but I just stuck Cuil in my bookmarks toolbar and I’ll continue trying it from time to time.. we’ll see how it goes. :)

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I googled my name, Adrian Santiago: Google brings up all of my filmmaking crap, my website, my myspace etc… Cuil brings up some real estate agent in New Jersey.


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I googled Ducati Monster and then cuiled the name. Results were very lame in ‘C’. When I misspelled the name, no results in ‘C’. Culi has a ways to go.

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the people developing it used to work at Google, so you’d hope that it would be better than it is…right now it’s kindof cumbersome since it is so different from what we are used to. one thing I noticed the other day was that when I searched for a friend or myself on Cuil, it said that it couldn’t find anything. I did the same search on Google and it came up with a lot of stuff. I then went back to Cuil and searched again. This time it had a list, but a totally different list than Google. i’m betting it was just really busy and there were some bugs Monday they had to work out.

we’re always googling for solutions to problems at work, so maybe this will be another option when nothing comes up in Google. I just don’t see it replacing Google for me anytime soon….of course that’s what I said about Google when I used to swear by Webcrawler and Yahoo search engines. And I agree about the name “Cuil”’s not clear how to pronounce it and it’s not in my normal vocabulary….according to their FAQ, “Cuil is the Gaelic word for both knowledge and hazel, and features prominently in ancient legend”. I’m so used to telling people to “google” something, I’m not sure I’ll get around to saying, “just ‘cuil’ it!”

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I tried but didn’t like it much :s

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I have been looking over it alot but it hasn’t indexed my website

It is indexed in google for a number of keywords but not in cuil????????

Im baffled!

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