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Why do dogs eat poop?

Asked by trolltoll (2570points) June 1st, 2016

(Inspired by Duchess’s recent question about dogs and mushrooms.)

Does anyone actually know why? Is it like the situation we have with rabbits and caecotrophs, where there are still nutrients in there and dogs are just taking advantage of the fact? Do they actually enjoy (ugh) the flavor?

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I will ask the Dog. As you can see, she is studying the sidewalk intently. She is watching bugs—and then she will eat them.

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We have two blue heelers and one gets into the cat litter box on occasion to grab a turd. I’d also like to know why.

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For the same reason they lick their hinder parts and howl at 2 a.m. for seemingly no reason… they’re dogs.

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Dog says it is a special delicacy. Cat poop is the best.

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Because dogs will eat damn near anything. They just wolf it down without a thought.

People joke about goats eating anything but I think dogs are much more indiscriminate.

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In some cases, coprophagia can result from dietary deficiencies or intestinal parasites. Other causes include behavioral issues or stress. And sometimes, just because they’re dogs.

Cat poop is a whole other issue – cat poop is quite high in protein. We call them doggie tootsie rolls.

More info

(I’ve never personally tried it, but I’ve always heard that meat tenderizer sprinkled on the food make the poop unpalatable. Hard to imagine what would taste worse than poop.)

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@syz. Both of our dogs eat the same diet but only one eats the cat poop. He is high strung, so that does make sense. Thank you.

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Do you think it might help matters if you found a place where the cat box can be elevated enough to be inaccessible to the dog?

We all know that most cats can jump from floor level to the top of a fridge without giving it a second thought, so maybe something not quite that high but out of doggie reach would do the trick.

Plus kitty might appreciate a little more privacy without doggie sniffing at her butt :)

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Obviously there are partisans here of cats. All decent people know that cats is the spawn of SATAN.

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Obviously you don’t know Fluther very well.

There are many cat lovers here and we generally have amicable discourse with dog lovers as well.

As a matter of fact we generally welcome all species , geese included.

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Geese . . . geese ? ! ? ! ?

Stark, staring madness. Next you’ll be cuddling up to a capybara.

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