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A song for your pet?

Asked by BellaB (6451points) June 1st, 2016

Do you have pets? if so, do you sing to them? do you have special songs for each pet? do they care? do they respond?

Why do I ask? Set just came downstairs singing to our current dog and commented that he has more songs for her than any of our previous dogs. Got me wondering if we’re the only crazies.*

*I’m fairly sure we’re not – I got the song idea from Dogs for Dummies nearly 20 years ago.

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I often sing to my animal companions! My dog’s name is Sadie, so my favorite tune is “Sadie, Sadie, married lady” from “Funny Girl.”

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I started with You Are My Sunshine for our dear departed Mr. Bailey. (now I think I need to make a Youtube playlist of songs for pets :) )

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We’re a fairly music-oriented household, and we often change the lyrics of songs to rib on each other.

The dog’s song is usually “Russell-bussell man” to the tune of The Village People’s Macho Man

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I sing a modified version of Mademoiselle from Armentières, modified to include the little dog’s name. She looks at me as though I were not quite right in the head—which is pretty much how she looks at me all the time.

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Yes. I would say they tend to like it because they hear the attention and love, except when it is a song about ignoring & belittling their complaints that I don’t understand.

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I had a calico cat with the weirdest conglomeration of tri color face markings I had ever seen. So, when deciding upon a name, “weird face” sounded rather insulting; thus, her name became Funny Face.

And naturally that song became our tune. “Funny face, I love you…” But since I mostly sang it to her while holding her over my shoulder and cuddling her, it wasn’t long before she was struggling to be let down. Not so much the song, but she just wasn’t a cuddle bug kind of a cat :)

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The young one doesn’t have a song yet. The older one has a bunch, but I think her favourite is “Happy Birthday to You”. It’s a song she’s heard multiple times, always when surrounded by family, usually with a party to come. She loves parties.

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Our current number 1 dog has three songs customized for him. Our back-up dogs had one song each.

My husband does the harmony, and I sing melody.

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Thank you for these terrific answers!

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Oh, so I get to showcase my eccentricity ey?
Okay, yes. I have 2 cats and an 18 year old pet goose named ” Marwyn.” His 20 year old pal passed away in Feb. :-(
Marwyn and I have our special song.
I sing ” row, row, row tour flappys gently down the stream, Marwyn Marwyn, Marwyn, Marwynnnnn, life is but a dream!
He “rows his feet on command when I am holding him. haha

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That is so cute. And apparently geese are more responsive to song than cats who generally have no response other than feigning boredom. At least that’s been true for mine :)

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I am definitely going to create a playlist out of this thread !

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@Buttonstc Very true. Marwyn is a musical goose, he likes me to sing to him and we actually have a few songs we like. I play my Djembe drum to the Shaggy rendition of ” Angel” and impose Marywns name into it. He loves it.

” You’re my darlin’ Marwyn, closer than my peeps you are to meeee, baaaaybay.” ” Shorty you’re my angel.” haha I ask him if he ” wants to sing a little” and gets all excited. He actually will go to my drum and doink it with hos beak. lol

This song.

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excellent word!

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@BellaB haha, thanks and welcome to fluther, it’s a fun place.

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Here you go; saved you the bother of trying to find it. The last time it was popular was back in 1972 when it was atop the charts. But that’s quite a ways back :)

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Well, look at you, all a courant while I’m dredging up something from the 70s. Ha ha.

Nice tune with a great beat tho. No wonder he loves it.

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I just remembered the other song I used to sing to her (and probably more often since I was more familiar with all the words) Baby Face, with Funny Face substituted for Baby.

“I didn’t need a shove cuz I just fell in love with your pretty Funny Face”

Here’s a Bobby Darin rendition with lots of cute pics of kittens and farm animals. Enjoy.

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@Buttonstc I’m a 70’s girl, love the oldies but really liked the 90’s and early 200’s too. We can skip the 80’s sans a few catchy tunes. haha

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I’m totally 70s. I’ve got long playlists on Pandora, Spotify and Mixer box of 60s and 70s folk music. So many terrific singer/songwriters from that time, particularly the writers with songs that have a timeless appeal.

There just aren’t currently that many artists nowadays writing really memorable songs that you know will still be sung 50 years or more from now. A few, but very few.

Taylor Swift writes a lot of her own stuff but a lot of it revolves around her dating life, breakups etc. I have difficulty imagining that as having lasting appeal :)

But they’ll still be singing stuff from Dylan, John Denver, Peter Paul and Mary etc. etc. long after we’re all planted in the ground. Puff the Magic Dragon is immortal. And Blowing in the Wind still resonates. And so many great songs from Lennon and McCartney I dare not leave out.

Musically speaking, that was really a magical time. I could listen to that all the time and never tire of it.

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a playlist created from this thread


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Very nice.

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