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For those who have seen it, what did you think of the tv show 11.22.63?

Asked by ucme (50011points) June 1st, 2016

I bloody loved it, proper good telly

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I enjoyed the show. I haven’t read the book (Stephen King is a bit tangent-y for my taste), so I can’t speak to its accuracy as an adaptation, but I found it well-done. I think James Franco is one of the more under-rated actors of his caliber.

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I enjoyed it, and I, too, found Franco’s performance quite good. The portrayal of Lee Harvey Oswald was well done. There were some interesting twists with the time-travel component.

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I never watch US shows, not a full season anyway & I thought I would hate this, but it was very good viewing all the way through.
One question though, why the fuck would the dude have a clothes pin on his dick? :D

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My thought was he was raised by uber-religious parents that shamed him for getting erections, and put a clothespin on him in order to suppress them. Kind of the boy version of Carrie.

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Yeah, that figures, he was a fucking weedy twat.
I loved Sadie but she should have kneed him in the nuts on their wedding night & got rid then

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The book was good, but really long. I didn’t know there was a tv movie or miniseries.

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No idea which channel broadcast it over the pond, it was on the Fox channel here, 8 episodes just finished this monday. I still have them on download, will probably see them again back to back sometime soon, like I said, loved it

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My fave was Ep2: The Kill Floor, Frank (Josh Duhamel) was a classic villain well played

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Rather good.

Ending could have been better IMNSHO.

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