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"A forthcoming biography of Edward" -- quick: what do you expect the last name to be?

Asked by Jeruba (50688points) June 1st, 2016

Your first guess: Edward who?

I read an author blurb that happened to break off after the first name of the subject. Before I scrolled to see his full name, I made a guess at who it was.

And then I was just curious—would most people make the same guess or not?

So which Edward do you think the book is about? Just tell us your immediate thought and let’s see.

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(But that doesn’t mean that I would necessarily want to read it :)

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Interesting. Wasn’t, though.

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The first?

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Since the death of Edward VII early in the last century precipitated some of the European instability that culminated in the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and The Great War … was it Edward VII?

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Oh – is it Kennedy? I’m trying to guess why you would wonder whether people could guess it or not.

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I did as I believed you asked, and posted without seeing anything but your question.
Did I win an oodle of prizes?

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Did you stay up too late?

Yeah, I joined the cheaters now!

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R. Murrow?

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The black Prince

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@dappled_leaves, I’m not wondering if people can guess it. I’m just wondering who would be the first biography-worthy Edward to leap to mind. I think all the responses are interesting.

My very first impulse was Hopper, I don’t know why. Then I thought of Edward the First, and finally settled on Kennedy before I scrolled down. Kennedy was right. But that’s irrelevant to the question.

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That’s so interesting. I also thought of Kennedy but ruled it out because he was so widely known as Ted (or Teddy when younger) that I felt that’s the likelier choice than Edward simply because the publishers wanted to maximize sales and would therefore use the better known “Ted”

But obviously, my assumption was wrong :)

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Bleh, spit, Kennedy.
Did I ever tell you how my Great Aunt dissed Eddy K in a national news magazine? lol

“If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.”
Edward Hopper

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@Jeruba Woohoo! Do I win a prize?

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Musta been a really thick book!

Ba da, bump!

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Edward the First was arguably the most intelligent and capable monarch of England, but he was a real s.o.b. His grandson, Eward the Third, was pretty sharp too, though. It’s a toss-up.

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and I would pre-order for sure!

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I scrolled down so I wouldn’t see the other answers while I make my guess. I was thinking of Edward Mountbatten-Windsor, the fellow who abdicated the British throne. I’m not sure if that is the surname he used. Windsor, itself, is the royal house to which they belong. Royals who are not in direct line of succession use Mountbatten-Windsor as their last name. When Princes Harry and William joined the military, they chose to use the surname of Wales (from which their title comes). So not sure what old Eddie’s last name actually is/was.

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