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Do you believe in Dog?

Asked by Setanta (1670points) June 2nd, 2016

Dog has a message for us. I’m not sure what it is, because I don’t speak the lingo; but i know that Dog loves us, and that she wishes us well.

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Ah! Dyslexia! It’s the old joke about the dyslexic agnostic.

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“There is no Dog.”

Oh, but there is.

She is a black lab blend named Patsy Stone. She looks so pretty in her purply sparkle collar and purple bra.

Wife: “Don’t sexualize the dog!”

Fine, purple harness.


Oh yes, Dog’s message:

“I’ll have more squid chips now, thank you.”

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Os Dog si elamef?

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In Dog We Trust.

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I miss @Dog.

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I believe that there are many dogs. These dogs are arranged non-hierarchically into categories known as “breeds,” each with their own appearance and temperament (though by no means are all dogs within a breed identical, and many rumors concerning each breed are in fact false).

It’s no coincidence that so many of our linguistic expressions contain references to these dogs (such as “dog gone it”). Moreover, I think we have all experienced otherwise inexplicable—maybe even implausible—acts of dog, such as when a dog eats your homework. Nor is it any coincidence that people who want to better themselves are attempting to “run with the big dogs.”

But while language is one thing, one might wonder if there is any empirical evidence for the existence of a dog or dogs. I think there is. Obviously, the various photos one can find online can be explained away as digital manipulations, so I won’t even try to use them to convince you. If you are just willing to go out for a walk, however, I think you are likely to find that dogs are all around you (unless you live in a particularly dogless place).

I guess my real recommendation is to go find a shelter and ask them to tell you about their dogs. But in the end, it’s up to you to allow dogs into your heart and into your life.

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I do not need to believe.
I can feel the knot.

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Yes, I believe in a higher pawer.

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I think dog’s message to man is a lot more useful than any purported god. And dogs walk the walk, loyally and unconditionally. There is a lot to be learned from our best friends.

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Knotting up, the holy grail of dog sex.

Have you taken in this rarefied air?

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He licks his almighty balls, all dogs really must go to heaven

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Why else would I have carried this baggy full of poo around all my life?

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The Dog of whom I know runs the Universe chases his tail and plays tug-of-war a lot. He has also been known to eat his own poo. Silly old Dog. (smh) But what I hate the most of what that lovable old Dog does is he humps my leg constantly. No one wants to be dry-humped by Dog.

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ibstubro, also, I remember a world when people weren’t obsessed if we picked up our Dog’s poo or not when we went for walks. Suddenly, the world is being run by ‘Shit-obsessed, Dog Persecutors.’ It’s only natural that our Dog shits everywhere. It’s persecution! Persecution! I tell you!

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I am amazed and gratified to see the depth and subtlety of theological thought at Fluther. May Dog fertilize your lawn liberally.

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I do believe in Dog! I do believe in Dog. I want Dog to come back here! Sit! Stay!

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Nothing but a Hound Dog!

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I have become one with Dog, who has recreated me in his image!

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